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Report: iPhone, iPad glass crawling with bacteria and viruses

During the winter months in most of the world, you can see pump bottles of antibacterial gel scattered around most businesses as workers and visitors try to keep their hands free of pathogens. Now, a spate of suspiciously similar news items today are warning that the glass screens on iPhones, iPads,...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Should I buy anti-virus software for OS X?

Dear Auntie, I am relatively new to the Apple desktop world. I just bought my first iMac a little over six months ago and I love it. My question concerns anti-virus software. All of my friends who have Macs say you don't need any. Even the folks at the Apple store said I don't need it. Now that I...

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BitTorrent copies of iWork '09 may contain nasty Trojan

Intego has released a security alert for a Trojan horse circulating in copies of iWork '09 downloaded from BitTorrent trackers and direct download (read: not official, but warez-esque) sites. The Trojan, known as OSX.Trojan.iServices.A is actually pretty clever: it exists as a package within the act...

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BBC: Teach our kids about safe Mac computing

It's the end of innocence, according to the BBC, the time when you'll have to sit down your children and tell them about the birds, the bees, and the recent Mac Trojan (no, not that kind of Trojan) security compromises. There's little new or ground breaking in the BBC article but their adherence to ...

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How would you react to a wide-spread Mac OS X virus?

One of the long-standing major appeals of the Mac OS has been its relatively small and low-impact ratio of serious security vulnerabilities and virus attacks. Users wear it like a badge on their shoulder, and even Apple has jumped in by flat-out bragging about Mac OS X's security with their latest G...

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TUAW Podcast #13

This week's podcast involves Dan Pourhadi and the C4 developer shindig he attended, those exclusive Leopard screenshots we nabbed, iPod viruses and the corporate blame game, and we round off with Apple's preliminary 4th quarter earnings results. Dan and I kept things short this time around, as the p...

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Some 5.5 gen iPods ship with Windows virus

This certainly isn't amongst the new features that Apple has touted for their latest rev of iPods. It would seem that a 'small number' of iPods shipped after Sept. 12, 2006 may be carrying a Windows virus by the name of RavMonE.exe. Apple says that less than 1% of Video iPods are infected, and they...

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Symantec: No file infecting viruses for OS X

Every time I write about Mac security the comments fill up with people telling me that I am an idiot (actually, come to think of it, that happens with most of my posts). Therefore, I thought some of you would enjoy this post from Symantec that which states categorically that there are no known file ...

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BBC Story - Switch to Macs For Better Online Security

Most of our readers know that Mac OS X is a much more secure environment than any flavor of Windows. Microsoft apologists like to say that the lack of viruses and malware targeted towards Mac OS X is because its much smaller marketshare. I believe there's a kernel of truth in this argument, but it's...

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