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TUAW's Daily Mac App: GrandPerspective

Finding large space hogging files in a complex file system like that on your Mac can be difficult. GrandPerspective, a small open source program, aims to help you find and remove space wasters quickly and easily. GrandPerspective first scans a target folder, be it your entire disk or just you...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: DaisyDisk

Trying to find space hogs on your various disks can be a nightmare. DaisyDisk makes it easier by letting you visualize your hard drives with beautiful circular sunburst maps. There are quite a few disk space visualizers out there, Disk Inventory X, which we featured recently on the Daily Mac ...

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TUAW Tip: Control the iTunes visualizer

By now you've probably had the opportunity to play around with the new iTunes Visualizer in iTunes 8. It's pretty cool, eh? Just like the previous visualizer, you can control this one with a few, simple key strokes. By pressing "?" while the visualizer is running, you are presented with a list of ke...

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Splash that iTunes visualizer across multiple monitors

iPodHacks has a very easy way to display your iTunes visualizer across multiple monitors using Mac OS X's built-in accessibility zoom feature. The instructions show you how to enable Zoom in the Universal Access system preference pane. When the visualizer is playing, you can zoom in on the iTunes ...

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Rumor: new visualizer in iTunes 8 to be Robert Hodgin's Magnetosphere

On the heels of our earlier post about new features in iTunes 8 comes this post from video producer and designer Allan White, speculating that the new visualizer in iTunes might be Processing artist Robert Hodgin's amazing Magnetosphere, which was available up until a few months ago from The Barb...

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Create Digital Music rounds up iTouch / iPhone music apps

The lovely and talented Peter Kirn over at Create Digital Music has posted a round up of music apps for the iPod / iTouch platform. The list includes tools for using your iPhone as a MIDI/OSC controller, making random weird digital art, visualizing your music and, er, listening to Snow Patrol's n...

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Eyephedrine iTunes visualizer

So the built in iTunes visualizer just isn't doing anything for you? Check out Eyephedrine, the visualizer plug-in that makes use of OpenGL 3D. Enjoy the multiple layers blending, realtime cube mapping, reflections, motion blur and light bloom fun across more than 70 visualizations. It al...

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Multiple Feeds Combined in RSS Visualizer: An Answer for Laurie

Several weeks ago, Laurie asked "What if I want more than one RSS feed in my Tiger screensaver?" Today, thanks to this Mac OS X Hint, I have an answer. Go to FEEDcombine, click on the link to Make Feed, and then fill the list with up to 10 feeds and click on go to feed. Add the feed to Safari...

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