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Caturday: Pepper approves of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite

Earlier this month, Apple fans from around the world eagerly watched WWDC 2014 to see what Apple had in store for iOS and OS X. As shown in this wonderful Caturday photo from a TUAW reader, people weren't the only captivated members of the audience -- some felines were curious about Apple's big an...

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Dev Interview: Oleksandr Kosovan, MacPaw

TUAW and MacTech are once again teaming up to interview developers surrounding Apple's announcements at WWDC. Hear what they have to say. Introduction We'd like to welcome our guest, Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO at MacPaw. MacPaw develops products for Mac, iOS, and Oleksandr took some time to tell us ab...

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WWDC 2014 session videos available online

Apple's WWDC event has exploded in popularity in recent years, making it extremely difficult for most interested developers to secure tickets. Not to worry, though, because session videos from WWDC 2014 are available for your viewing enjoyment via Apple's developer website. Per usual, the videos ...

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Talkcast tonight, 7pm PT/10pm ET: WWDC Wrapup Edition

New dial-in experience! Set up Fuze Meeting before the show if you want to join in live. Having absorbed the information (among other things) that WWDC has to offer, we're ready to give you the highlights on this week's TUAW Talkcast! We'll be chatting about the announcements from WWDC and look ahe...

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Dev Interview: Wil Shipley, Delicious Monster

TUAW and MacTech are once again teaming up to interview developers surrounding Apple's announcements at WWDC. Hear what they have to say. Introduction We'd like to welcome our guest, Wil Shipley, Chief Monster at Delicious Monster. Delicious Monster develops products for Mac, iOS, and Wil took som...

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Humor: WWDC supercut shows you everything is awesome

This year's WWDC keynote was an incredibly positive experience, complete with laughs, exciting new technology, and a cameo from Dr. Dre. But just how positive was it? The Twit Netcast Network has compiled a supercut of every single positive adjective from this year's keynote, and it's a surp...

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"Apple is looking old and stale"

In my post-Apple-WWDC-keynote haze, I did what I usually do after a big Apple event: I read anything and everything I could regarding the event. Analysis, rundowns, roundups, and galleries are all fair game, and to my surprise the general consensus -- even from the notoriously pessimistic Wall Str...

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How we react during every major Apple announcement

This video hit close to home. It's almost as if they were monitoring the TUAW newsroom during this year's WWDC keynote. Thankfully we're not being bugged, this is just a dead-on recreation of how Apple fans react during every major Apple event. The folks at Slacktory have nailed the highs, low...

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Guest blogger Aaron Watkins: ‚ÄčiOS 8 Provides New Features to Help App Marketers

The WWDC keynote can be a stressful time for app developers. You never know quite what is going to be presented when that famous "one more thing" is revealed. Whether it's a whole new programming language to learn, or Apple suddenly takes the key selling feature of your number one app and makes th...

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Meet your new OS X Yosemite dock icons

This year's WWDC event brought with it the announcement of Yosemite, Apple's latest edition of OS X. Beyond Yosemite's new features and abilities, the operating system also showcases a general makeover of the look of the user interface, including brand new dock icons. Below you can take a glance a...

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SwiftKey confirms iOS 8 version

SwiftKey has confirmed they are going to release an official iOS version on iOS 8, as reported by ZDnet. In a blog post today, Ben Medlock and Jon Reynolds (SwiftKey's co-founders) stated that since iOS 8 will officially support third-party keyboards, SwiftKey will be one of those choices. From t...

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WWDC '14 keynote in 90 seconds

Don't have the time to watch the entire two hour keynote video? Alrighty, then: ...

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Apple's awesome iOS Camera feature they didn't mention on stage

Apple spent a whole lot of time talking about photos today during its WWDC 2014 keynote address. From iCloud Photo Library to smart image adjustments, there is clearly a lot to be excited about for iOS shutterbugs. But there is one feature that wasn't mentioned on-stage, yet it has appeared on App...

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WWDC 2014: Siri's upcoming update means she's always listening

Siri wasn't a huge part of today's WWDC 2014 keynote, but Craig Federighi did take some time to mention what's in store for Apple's beloved virtual assistant. With the upcoming iOS 8 update, Siri will gain the ability to identify songs via Shazam functionality, purchase content from iTunes via voi...

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Tim Cook drops huge sales numbers, takes jab at Android

Like any good CEO, Tim Cook is on the ball with some awesome sales figures at the WWDC 2014 keynote today, revealing some big numbers to update everyone on the long-term sales of the company's decides. According to the big man, the iPod touch has now moved over 100 million devices, the iPad has pa...

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