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Tag: WWDC2010

WWDC App demos: Corkulous and Todo

Corkulous is an iPad app that attempts to simulate a real cork board (similar to Kai Cherry's KorQBord, which we've mentioned before). You can add notes, labels and photos, and you can add boards inside of boards, which gives you almost infinitely nestable surface areas to play in. Of all the...

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App demo: SonicPics

SonicPics does something I'd been wanting an app to do for a long time: create annotated slideshows with timing you direct. The demo speaks for itself, but I have to say that, after testing, it works as advertised. There could be some UI tweaks, but the act of creating slideshows that move to the...

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App demo: Round the Clock

Over the next week I'll share the 30+ app demos we caught on tape at WWDC 2010. To kick things off, here's Round the Clock, a productivity app from Masters of the Minute. Round the Clock takes your calendar and presents it as a pie chart for the day or week. If you love pizza, Pac Man and pie char...

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WWDC 2010: Server Admin Remote and Workgroup Manager Remote for iPad

One of the most technical, and yet powerful, apps I saw at WWDC last week was Server Admin Remote, an iPhone and iPad app designed by three guys in Germany calling themselves Harlekins. The app is modeled after Apple's own Server Admin tool for Mac OS X server, and basically allows for complete ser...

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devsugar: WWDC 2010 videos, slides, and sample code now available

Paid members of the iOS developer program who did not attend WWDC may want to head on over to Apple's WWDC 2010 video page. Roughly a billion hours (if my quick calculations can be believed) of WWDC session video is now available for download from iTunes. You'll be able to find videos on topics from...

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WWDC 2010: iZen Garden for iPad

Last week at WWDC, we met up with Jive DeVoe -- he's the developer behind the iZen Garden app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and, just recently, the iPad. The app purports to be a zen garden simulation, and it works as exactly that -- you can rake patterns in the sand, or put over 130 objects like ston...

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WWDC 2010: GameSalad brings game creation to everyone

I've seen GameSalad around before (they had a big booth at this year's MacWorld, and we've mentioned them here on TUAW a few times), but I've never actually spoken to anyone who works for the Austin, TX based company. Fortunately, senior platform director Michael Herring found some time to come say ...

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iPad dev mugged at WWDC gets hooked up by Apple

San Francisco isn't the most dangerous city in the world, but like any major city it has its fair share of property crimes. When Chinese developer Stone (just the one name) came to San Francisco to attend WWDC at Apple's request (he worked on QQ, China's pick of IM clients for Tencent), I doubt he t...

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WWDC 2010: Hands-on with Max Adventure and interview with Imangi's Natalia Luckynova

Natalia Luckynova is half of Imangi Studios. Along with her husband Keith Shepherd, she makes iPhone and iPod games, including the popular Harbor Master and a few other titles. We got to meet up with her at WWDC last week, and she was able to show off their latest title, Max Adventure, due out for...

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WWDC 2010: Square's first steps

Square has already made a big splash with its launch -- the company, founded by Jim McKelvey, Jack Dorsey (formerly of Twitter), and Tristan O'Tierney, has created a system for accepting credit card payments through the iPhone. After a lot of secrecy and hype, the app launched on the iPad a while b...

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WWDC 2010: Vito Technology walks on with Star Walk and Geo Walk

We met up with both Victor Toporkov and Murad Nazaraliev of Vito Technology during WWDC this past week, and while we know the company's name well from their great Star Walk and Solar Walk apps (the first one won an Apple Design Award this week, and the second one is quite popular, too), we learned ...

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WWDC 2010: Bartleby's Book of Buttons

Erica Sadun got a chance to see Bartleby's Book of Buttons a little while ago, and her writeup does a good job of explaining exactly what it is: an interactive book for children that uses the iPad's various features to entertain young users while also giving them a fun story to read and explore. De...

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WWDC 2010: Interview with Moodboard developer Chris Nurre

I believe we've mentioned Moodboard exactly once on the site before, as one of Brett's picks back when the iPad first released. But it deserves another mention -- developer Chris Nurre of A Tiny Tribe (a company founded with a friend to help pay for skeleton equipment and travel) stopped by to see ...

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WWDC 2010: Firemint's app success

We've met up with the folks from Firemint before -- back at GDC, they were kind enough to show us Real Racing on the iPhone and share their plans for the iPad. Just a few months later we've found them at WWDC with the extremely popular Flight Control HD and an Apple Design award for Real Racing HD....

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WWDC 2010: Matt Martel's reMovem 2

We're meeting all kinds of developers at WWDC in San Francisco this week; some from big companies with big resources (and stay tuned -- we're talking to a few of this week's Apple Design Award winners later on), and some hard-working, smaller groups. Matt Martel's Mundue is the second kind of dev...

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