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DannyP iPhone 5 wallets offer full functionality, great looks

Designer Daniel Piterak (aka DannyP) has created a line of US$129 iPhone wallets that really turn the traditional model -- "let's take an iPhone case and jam a wallet onto it" -- on its head. Instead, the DannyP wallets are designed as wallets first, with an iPhone case then worked into the design...

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PayPal wants to replace your wallet with app update

PayPal, a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay, is the Internet's premiere payment and processing site that lets you pay for items and transfer money through the Internet. In May 2013, PayPal released global study results, in which it found that "A vast majority (83%) of respondents across five countri...

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Dash wants you to pay your happy hour tab with your iPhone

Alternative payment methods seem to be all the rage these days, from retailer-specific virtual cards that can be loaded with currency to the movement to make NFC-based payment kiosks an option at retailers. As VentureBeat reports, New York's Dash wants to do things a bit differently and by targeti...

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Samsung Wallet looks a lot like Apple Passbook

Over at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung just unveiled its "Samsung Wallet," which looks to be an exact ripoff of Apple's Passbook. Like Passbook, Wallet lets users store virtual passes such as movie tickets, boarding passes, coupons, concert tickets and more. Wallet also sends users...

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The HEX Code Wallet case is nicely built, but a little too unwieldy

A few years ago, I decided to do my best to narrow down the number of things I carry around in my pockets every single day. Instead of one giant keychain with all of the keys I've ever owned on it, I cut down to two smaller keychains, one for my house and another for my car. And instead of a gi...

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Mac, iOS developer Acrylic joins Facebook design team

Sparrow isn't the only big Mac developer that's switched to a high profile project today. Mac and iOS shop Acrylic has been called away from its own projects, including the apps Pulp and Wallet, by Facebook. The company doesn't say exactly what they'll be working on, but presumably it'll be the...

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AllThingsD looks at Paypal's new payments app

AllThingsD reporter Lauren Goode spent some time shopping with both Pay with Square and PayPal's new mobile payment app. The two solutions are one of several up-and-coming mobile payment platforms competing for your virtual wallet. Overall, Goode concluded that paying with the PayPal app was ...

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Former Marine marches from battlefield to Apple accessory market

Devon Read spent five years in the Marines, serving in both Iraq and Africa. Now, the Golden, Colorado resident is a successful Apple accessory maker. He's a self-admitted Apple fan who wanted a protective case for his Apple devices, but couldn't find products that were fashionable, functional ...

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The iPhone wallet has a place for your stuff

After spending about 10 months without an iPhone, I stayed up late to order the iPhone 4S. Then the next question occurred to me: "What am I going to do for a case?" I ordered 3 different cases for three different purposes: an AmazonBasics Silicone Case for everyday use, a Mophie Juice Pack Air ...

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Apple expands App Store trademark in Europe

Two filings published by the European Trademark Office last week suggest the battle for the term "App Store" will expand to new product categories and new turf. Patently Apple reports that the first request from Apple, filed on March 30, expands the use of the term "App Store" from four internatio...

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Use the Nike + iPod Sport Kit on any shoe with help from a Nike accessory

Now don't think we're just trying to pimp Nike's stuff here because we're getting hookups or something (we have to run out and buy our own kits like anyone else), but TUAW reader Mr. Gaskell recommended a tip that could allow you to use the new iPod Sport Kit with any shoes, without the need for awk...

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