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The Register fighting Apple takedown notice

'Twas the night before Snow Leopard, and all through the 'net, Apple was sending takedowns for previews of software that technically wasn't out yet... Snow Leopard is almost out, but "almost" isn't quite good enough for Apple. Apparently they sent a last-minute takedown notice to The Register for po...

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TUAW interviews Walt Mossberg

We were lucky enough to run into Walt Mossberg, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, co-founder and host of D: All Things Digital. He shares his thoughts on the keynote and Apple's new products. What was the biggest surprise for him? Watch and learn. Also available on: YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMot...

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Mossberg reviews the iPod touch (he likes it)

If there was a grand poobah of tech journalists it would Walt Mossberg, the tech columnist for the Wall Street Journal. His opinion can make, or break, a product. Luckily for Apple Walt tends to love their stuff, and the iPod touch is no exception. The iPod touch gets high praise for its iPod funct...

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