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Dear Aunt TUAW: Should I buy AppleCare+?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I was wondering how you felt about AppleCare+ vs Best Buy's extended warranty. My wife and I just bought 2 iPhone 4S's and would like to protect our investments. The Best Buy option would cost us US$15/mo. for each phone. That is $720 over the next two years. AppleCare+ is $99 for t...

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Apple revised South Korea's iPhone warranty

The South Korean Fair Trade Commission has said that customers who receive defective iPhones can exchange them for non-refurbished models, Bloomberg reports. This reflects a change to Apple's iPhone warranty in that country. Apple has given phones refurbished with new parts to customers in ...

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iPad 101: iPad AppleCare pros & cons

Considering AppleCare for your iPad? I know that I am. For $99, AppleCare extends your iPad warranty coverage to two years from the date of purchase. Although AppleCare tends to be expensive, for certain purchases it can really save you, especially for devices which run a higher risk of component fa...

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Are Apple Time Capsules out of time after a year and a half?

There are quite a few unhappy Time Capsule owners over at the Apple support boards. It appears that some Time Capsules are going belly-up at roughly the 18 month mark, simply refusing to power on. As Brian from Texas wrote: "My TC did the exact same thing two days ago. It is 18 months old. Aft...

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