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Sneak preview: InstaWeather Pro 3.5 lets you share photos of your weather

Those of you who have read TUAW for more than just a little while know that I'm kind of a weather buff -- I have way too many weather apps on my iPhone and iPad, and even have not one, but two "connected" weather stations at my house. So it was not surprising for me to fall in love with InstaWeath...

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A tale of two iPad weather apps

Since Apple stripped the iPhone weather app from the iPad, it left the door open for 3rd parties to do their thing. They've done just that, and I'd like to spotlight two apps that come at weather from very different places. We've looked briefly at both these apps. Our Victor Agreda Jr. used an...

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Just got my iPad. Now what?

It's pretty clear that new iPad owners are hitting the app store in droves. Books, games and movies are all flying off the virtual shelves. Since you may be suffering from sensory overload, or just looking for some ideas, here are some things I've seen that might be worth a look. I tried Time Mag...

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