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Opera Coast is ready to impress you... and then be forgotten

Do you remember Yahoo Axis? It was an iOS Web browser that it seemed as though everyone thought it was the second coming of the mobile Web. It was called "impressive," "surprisingly fresh," and "one of the best Web browsers," only to be unceremoniously killed off after everyone forgot about it. We...

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Apple announces Safari upgrades as part of OS X Mavericks

Apple has announced an updated version of Safari at WWDC. The browser update adds a new home page featuring a Top Sites feature that stores all of your bookmarks and regularly read sites. Using a new bookmark bar, you can easily add and remove links to your Top Sites selection. They've also ...

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Camino web browser reaches its end of life

The developers of the venerable Camino web browser announced yesterday that the product is no longer being developed and that users should move on to "a more modern browser." As the team blog notes, "Fortunately, Mac users have many more browsers to choose from than they did when Camino started 1...

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Friday Favorite: Exif Everywhere reveals the data that's hidden in photos

Everyone enjoys a good photography-driven website, but folks with a technical eye can't look at an image without wondering what camera took that shot, what settings were used and where it was taken. Exif Everywhere from MyLove Company is a browser extension and desktop app that provides those d...

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Puffin browser gets faster Flash support, virtual gamepad

Third-party browsers for iOS have carved a niche in the App Store, and there are dozens of options claiming to be the best. The Puffin Web Browser is one of the more popular choices, and a new update adds even more features. Among them are a faster, smoother Flash engine and a nifty onscreen game ...

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Mozilla working on 'Junior' iPad Webkit browser

Mozilla announced that it's working on a browser for the iPad called Junior. Mozilla said it wants to make browsing "more fun, more ergonomic" and hopes to re-think the browsing experience "from the ground up." As with almost all third-party browsers on the iPad, the app will be based on Apple'...

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Dolphin iOS browser adds voice control

Dolphin has updated its popular iPhone web browser and the latest version now includes voice control. The feature, called Dolphin Sonar, lets you use your voice to search the internet, share content with your favorite social networks, add bookmarks and do simple navigation tasks like opening ...

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Taposé brings Microsoft Courier to the iPad

Want to get a taste of what the split-screen Microsoft Courier would be like if it was released? No? Me neither, but your disinterest in the Courier shouldn't stop you from checking out Taposé from Zanther, Inc, a unique and exciting split-screen productivity app that just hit the iOS Ap...

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Safari 5.1.5 update fixes issue when running in 32-bit mode

Software Update just alerted me that Safari 5.1.5 is available. As noted on the screenshot above, the only information from Apple was that the update "contains a fix for an issue that could affect website usability when running Safari in 32-bit mode. The update is small -- only 46.4 MB -- and...

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Hacksugar: Send URLs from your PC to your iPhone

This morning, Beloved Leader Victor introduced me to my new favoritest hack for the iPhone ever -- if "ever" means "earlier this morning." It's a really good hack though. What you do is this. In Safari or Firefox or whatever your favorite browser is, create a new bookmark, which I include here ...

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Sleipnir for OS X arrives in beta, touts group tab management and sync

If you're the kind of person that loves to live on the wilder side of internet browsing, today you're in luck. Sleipnir is a new OS X web browser that has a few twists, particularly when it comes to tab management. Developed by Japanese outfit Fenrir, Sleipnir first arrived on the iPhone (which w...

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Camino 2.1 now in beta, features improved plug-in control

Camino, an open source third-party web browser for Mac OS X, released a beta of version 2.1 last week. According to the release notes, new features in Camino 2.1 include: Enhanced Location Bar Autocomplete: The location bar's autocomplete feature now displays results in a single list, usin...

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Opera Mini for iPad now available

Opera rolled out version 6 of its popular web browser for iOS today. The latest version of Opera Mini now supports the iPad and the Retina Display of the iPhone 4, two major upgrades that should bring a smile to the face of iOS users. Opera Mini 6 also adds smoother panning and improved pinch-t...

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Pixelfari browser lets you surf like it's 1982

Not every app on your Mac has to be useful -- sometimes you just want to have a little retro fun. That's the idea behind Pixelfari, a free "pixely, 8-bitty" version of the Apple Safari web browser. The browser was the brainchild of Neven Mrgan, who brought us The Incident, a game for iOS and Mac th...

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Opera for iPad gets an early hands-on preview

After reportedly being rejected by Apple, Opera Mini for the iPhone finally hit the App Store in April of last year. The alternative browser uses Opera's server-side processing and page compression for lightening fast browsing over slow connections. Almost 10 months after its debut on the iPhone, Op...

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