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MobileMe mail offline for 'some users'... again

What is there to say about it, really? The cloud that thinks different appears to be unresponsive on webmail and POP/IMAP connections for some unknown fraction of the userbase, and it's been having issues since the morning hours today. Mel noted a long slow period yesterday, and also spotted some...

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Kerio MailServer 6.6 takes another swing at Exchange

Kerio has released version 6.6 of Kerio MailServer, another push forward in their campaign to take a bite out of the Microsoft Exchange market. We mentioned the ActiveSync capabilities of Kerio MailServer in July, and have noted the expanding capabilities of the 6.x releases as an increasingly viabl...

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.Mac and Me rumors: TUAW inside look at Apple's next-gen service

What's next for .Mac, Apple's much-maligned online service offering for OS X users? TUAW has learned that .Mac will no longer be sold by Apple after WWDC, as new users will migrate to the new MobileMe service (not too shocking, given the swirling rumors as of late). Existing users will have their @m...

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.Mac mail down, speculations abound

If you're a .Mac mail user, then you probably know that .Mac's mail system has been down for almost 6 hours. According to the .Mac system status, 100% of users are experiencing the problems. Here's what Apple says: 100% of members might experience slower than normal response when using IMAP mail. M...

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Yahoo! Mail now works with Safari 3

I have no idea just how big this intersection might be (in terms of sheer numbers, it has to be pretty big, I guess), but if you're a Yahoo! Mail user and a Safari 3 user, prepare to smile, because Yahoo! says that you can now get in on the "All-New Yahoo! Mail" fun. "All-New Yahoo! Mail" is appar...

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.Mac webmail now does server-side spam filtering

As with most big Apple announcements, at least a few features slip through the cracks. Thanks to TUAW reader Brandon Werner, we caught one that answers a long-time complaint of .Mac users and critics: server-side spam filtering. Until today (or at least recently; we've never noticed this before),...

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TUAW Tip: Names for .Mac aliases sync to Apple Mail

One of my most significant gripes with .Mac has been in relation to a seemingly minor feature, but one that is (in my experience) fairly unique to Apple's struggling web service: email aliases. When I discovered .Mac a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with the ability to create alternati...

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Review: new .Mac webmail delivers, mostly

Apple teased us with an announcement of a .Mac webmail upgrade at the end of September, and yesterday they delivered. The new webmail feels zippy (though it was understandably a little sluggish a couple times while I was testing it last night), and the innovative, refreshing new features raise the ...

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Apple updates .Mac webmail

There's a new .Mac webmail in town and it's looking pretty. It looks like Mail. It feels like Mail. It must be a web-based version of Mail! Lots of trendy Web 2.0 goodness like drag & drop, integrated Address Book, familiar 3-pane viewing, message previews, Quick Reply, keyboard shortcuts ala G...

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Apple should offer option of .Mac as separate services

Apple's .Mac service has been quite the coffee talk discussion topic throughout the Mac web since as long as I can remember. We've even covered the service's slow death, some ways it could really hit a home run and even some things .Mac gets right, just to be fair. However, as I was paying for a ren...

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Apple emailing .Mac customers about new webmail

Sure, we knew about the upcoming .Mac webmail refresh, but that's because we're nerds for Apple news (yes, you too - don't deny it. You're reading TUAW, after all). To my surprise this morning, I had an email from .Mac, advertising the new webmail and promoting all the new features. While there isn...

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Apple previews next version of .Mac webmail

I don't know if this will address any of Dave's .Mac woes, but Apple is showcasing the next version of the .Mac webmail service. .Mac's webmail has been stuck in 2002 for about 4 years now, so an update will be very nice. The overall UI has been refined, and it looks like Apple is going for a more ...

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A browser just for Gmail

In a dual gesture of both kicking to the curb and flexing the power of Xcode, Michael McCracken has built his own streamlined browser just for using Gmail. Quirky browser behaviors and avoiding the distractions that come from multiple browser windows and bookmark bars prompted this 10-line...

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Two free book chapters for .Mac members

Check it out, .Mac subscribers: In the "Members Only" folder of your iDisk (that still makes me think of the jackets), you'll find two chapters of Joe Kissell's book, Take Control of .Mac.The first chapter focuses on using Mail, and is extremely thorough. Discussions include making use of ...

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