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Tag: WiMAX

Sprint sold 1.4M iPhones in Q2 2013

Sprint must be happy with its decision to start selling the iPhone. The company reports that 1.4 million iPhones were sold in the second fiscal quarter of 2013. Even better, 41 percent of those phones went to new Sprint customers. The carrier didn't sell as many iPhones in the last quarter as it ...

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FreedomPop's WiMAX iPhone sleeve hits an FCC snag

You may have already pre-ordered FreedomPop's almost-too-good-to-be-true iPhone accessory back in May, but it seems the FCC is still in the process of approving the device. FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols told FierceWireless that the agency is taking issue with the sleeve's design, noting that t...

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FreedomPop to sell 4G case for iPod touch

Start-up MVNO FreedomPop is back again with another wireless sleeve that'll add many of the features of the iPhone to your iPod touch. The $99 accessory slides onto your third- or fourth-generation iPod touch and lets you access the internet using Clearwire's 4G WiMAX network. FreedomPop prov...

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FreedomPop iPhone case to offer free 4G connectivity

Earlier this year, FreedomPop said it was working on an iPhone case with an integrated cellular radio that would provide users with free mobile broadband access on Clearwire's 4G WiMAX network. Now, the company is taking pre-orders for this 4G WiMAX sleeve. Each sleeve will cost US$99 and wil...

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Daily Mac App: Mi-Fi Monitor

I don't travel a lot, but I do have a MiFi which I use during the frequent power outages that seem to plague the area where I live. To help monitor my connection and the battery life of my MiFi, I use a Mac utility called Mi-Fi Monitor. It resides in the menu bar and displays both a battery lev...

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WSJ: upcoming iPhone will not support 4G LTE or WiMAX

The Wall Street Journal is chiming in with a last-minute rumor suggesting the iPhone will not support 4G LTE or WiMAX. The next generation Apple handset will be a 3G only device similar to the current iPhone 4. This information contradicts a widely circulating rumor from BGR that claimed the iPho...

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WiMAX case brings 4G speed to iPhone in South Korea

South Koreans with an iPhone 4 on wireless provider KT will be able to browse the mobile internet at 4G speeds thanks to KT's new KWF-B2500 WiMAX sleeve for the iPhone. Dubbed the Egg, the sleeve contains an extended battery to boost the iPhone's juice, providing up to five hours of 4G mobile b...

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TUAW Guide: Wireless Broadband on your Mac

Ah, the open road. What's more American than being mobile, drifting along the highways and byways, traveling hither and yon, free as a debt-laden bird? While I try to rein in that derailed train of road metaphor, let's consider the options for Mac users and wireless data. Many of you would love to t...

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