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Tag: WideScreen plugin WideMail makes a comeback in Snow Leopard

Since upgrading, Snow Leopard users with widescreen displays may have been missing WideMail, the plugin for that gives you a 3-column display of your messages. We mentioned it some time ago, and you may recall it being one of the casualties of my Snow Leopard upgrade. Letterbox, an alterna...

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Widemail makes widescreen friendly

I find the plugin Widemail extremely useful. At my day job I use Outlook and the widescreen view is very efficient for space management. Prior to upgrading to Leopard, I used the application Letterbox written about here; however in my recent search for a Mail-enhancing plugin I wanted so...

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Widescreen Plugin for Leopard Mail brings 2-line preview

A while back we posted about Letterbox, a plugin for Tiger's that brought a widescreen format to Mail by moving the preview pane to the right of the subject listing. Letterbox isn't working in Leopard (though the author says he is working on it), but a new plugin for Leopard has been relea...

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VisualHub 1.24 brings new high-resolution settings, tons more features

I just have to come right out and say it: VisualHub is one of the best darn things to happen to video encoding since DVD Jon worked his magic. It's a fantastic app that rocks the house when it comes to encoding videos - especially in batches - and it just got a lot cooler with a v1.24 update. Along ...

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Yojimbo gets a 3-pane widescreen hack

You can't say I've never blogged anything I don't like - remember that three-pane widescreen plugin for Well, Jon Hicks (yeah, that Jon Hicks) has brought the same window paradigm to Yojimbo with a little hack. Now you too can be the proud owner of a three-pane, widescreen Yojimbo. The h...

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Apple TV tidbits

Everyone is gah gah over the iPhone, and rightfully so, but I thought that Apple TV should get some love. Apple notes that you need to have a 'widescreen TV' in order to use Apple TV. Furthmore Apple says that Apple TV works with 'widescreen, enhanced-definition or high-definition TVs capable of 10...

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Trusted Reviews gets reliably anonymous details on touchscreen 6G iPod, iPhone

Trusted Reviews - a name already filled to the brim with reliability - is claiming to have the inside scoop from an anonymous but "extremely well informed" 3rd party exec who revealed that Apple will drop the much-rumored wide/touchscreen 6G iPod in December - y'know, the month that virtually *no* ...

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