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Dear Aunt TUAW: How do I post a website on Dropbox?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I read Uncle Steve's write-up about posting an iWeb site to a Dropbox folder. It's a great blog post and neat trick! But it's using the Public folder... Is there a way to use a non-public folder to do the same? Your loving nephew, Seb Dear Seb, Auntie is fond of Kis...

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VoodooPad 5: wiki magic

For those of us who nerd out about things like desktop wikis, VoodooPad 5 (from the creator of Acorn) is an exciting release. It brings new capabilities so powerful that they should come with a "for good, not evil" warning. If you're not familiar with VoodooPad, it's a desktop wiki with media e...

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VoodooPad now available for your iPhone and iPad

VoodooPad gets its share of TUAW screen space, and it's one of the few apps that's always open on my desktop. As one of the original "personal" wikis, VoodooPad has a simple aesthetic and a great feature set for organizing and linking your important information, notes and everything from bookmarks t...

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Trunk Notes: a Markdown-based wiki, to go

I know, I went and used "wiki" and "Markdown" in the headline and scared off all of the non-nerds. Nerds, welcome. If you're a non-nerd who kept reading, well, keep reading. Markdown is an easy way to create HTML, and wikis are a powerful means of connecting and organizing your notes. Your mobile no...

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Guild Wars 2 uses iOS apps for 'extended experience'

Guild Wars 2 is going to become the latest big PC game to get a satellite iPhone app. Our friends at Massively have a post up about the "extended experience" that ArenaNet is going to offer in the MMO sequel. You won't be able to play the full game on your iPhone or iPad, but you will be able to ch...

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Voodoo Pad 4.1 adds iPhone client

VoodooPad (which we've covered many times) is a bit of a different take on the classic snippet / information manager app, allowing you to create a personal wiki with entries for whatever you might like to keep track of. With the recently released version 4.1 Gus Mueller has added an option to exp...

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How to make an iPhone game

The folks at Gogogic asked Twitter if they wanted to see how the company's iPhone games were made, and since the answer was in the affirmative, we all get the benefit of looking into just how one iPhone developer put their game together. It starts with a wiki; the company keeps a collaborative site...

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VoodooPad 4.0 provides WebDAV sync

VoodooPad got a major upgrade today; after an intense beta period, version 4.0 is live. For those of you not familiar, VoodooPad is a personal wiki, a brainstorming and note-taking tool and the ultimate "geek's notebook" (my term, not theirs). With the ability to import a variety of files and link o...

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Back to School: collecting and organizing information

TUAW's going Back to School! We'll be bringing you tips and reviews for students, parents and teachers right up until the bell rings in September. Read on for high school & college-level help. I covered a few good research tools for students in my last post. Before I dive into some of the exc...

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The latest on Acorn

Just about a week after its release, Acorn (Gus Mueller's sparkling little image editor) is looking a 1.0.1 release dead in the face. Mueller hasn't updated it officially yet, but he has released development builds of both VoodooPad and Acorn over on his site. The newest Acorn release will include a...

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W2: a little iPhone wiki

Steven Frank (of Panic fame) was unsatisfied with iPhone's notes, so he decided to hack up a little iPhone optimized wiki called W2 to use instead. It actually runs server-side, so you'll need a web server with PHP. Once installed, however, it'll allow you cross-link, embed images, search, and even ...

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Plain text wiki bundle for TextMate

Matt Webb likes VoodooPad, the desktop wiki application from Gus Mueller, but he does not like his data to be bound up in a proprietary format. So he's cooked up a bundle for the powerful TextMate text editor that allows him to create a plain text wiki. Basically the bundle allows you to create a ma...

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On TextMate extras

Like me, there are probably a lot of fresh new TextMate users out there in the audience thanks at least in part to MacHeist, so I thought it would be pertinent to point out a few helpful resources Allan Odgaard (TM's developer) maintains at Of course the searchable mailing list and I...

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Twitter widgets, plugins and scripts - oh my!

I seem to be going gaga over web services lately. After dropping my .Mac personal blog for Vox, Twitter is another new-ish service that has also weaseled its way into my daily activities (they launched this past summer). While there are a few explanations for what Twitter really is and does, I like ...

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Timeline of Macintosh computers

This is officially cool, mostly because I say so. Wikipedia has a graphic that charts the timeline of Macintosh computers which shows the time length that particular models were (currently are) in production. The coolest part is that you can click on a model name, and it takes you to that Mac's Wik...

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