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New downloads window coming to Safari in Lion

A few days ago it was discovered that Apple is building in a new feature to Safari called Reading List. The feature works like Instapaper and allows users to save web pages for later viewing. Now Italian Mac site has discovered another tweak set for Safari v. 5.1 in Lion -- a r...

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HazeOver dims background windows to help you focus

Have you ever wished that you could fade out non-active windows in the background, leaving you to focus on the task at hand? HazeOver does just that in a simple and Mac-like fashion. A small utility that runs in the background, HazeOver dims any non-active windows automatically in a smooth ra...

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Breeze: another fresh take on window management

We've covered a surprising number of innovative Mac utilities for easily positioning windows, from MercuryMover to SizeUp and, most recently, Divvy. Well, a new one, Breeze, is taking yet another look at the task of window management. Breeze is similar to the others in that it runs in your menubar a...

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Drag and drop your windows into tidiness with Cinch

I'd never heard of Cinch, just mentioned over at Cult of Mac, but it's such a great idea I thought I'd check into it. Basically, Cinch does what all great Mac software does: it works in the background and lets you do what you want to do, skipping completely all the usual nonsense you usually have...

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"Cinch" your desktop windows into place

Cinch is a new Mac utility from Irradiated Software. It helps keep your desktop windows organized by snapping them into predefined sizes and locations when you hold them near an edge of your screen. While its toolset is limited in comparison to its big sister, the keyboard-based SizeUp (which we cov...

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TUAW Tip: Option-clicking the green button

When iTunes 9 changed the behavior of the green "maximize" button to shrink the player to the mini player, I adapted quickly. Option-clicking is pretty easy to do since the option key (unlike control) is on both sides of my laptops' keyboards. But I forgot that option-clicking the green button on w...

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TUAW Tip: Multitasking in iTunes

Have you ever been playing one of your finely-tuned playlists, blissfully grooving to the music, only to connect your iPod or iPhone and lose your place? In other words, iTunes (if you've set it to automatically sync) will move your view from whatever playlist you're in to the sync window. That's...

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Air Photo prints photos directly from iPhone or iPod touch

Our good friends at Download Squad found a great app on the App Store called Air Photo that will let you wirelessly print pictures directly from your iPhone or iPod touch. Just install the app (for $1.99, cheap if you print your iPhone's photos often) on your mobile device, put the server on your M...

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Mac 101: Enter directory paths when in open/save dialogs

Last week I told you about easily switching directories (folders) while in an open/save dialog. This was great when you knew where a folder was located in a specific place, and you could drag + drop it on the dialog. But what if you want to type in a directory path (i.e. ~/Desktop)? While in an op...

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MiniMail: iTunes' mini window makes it to Mail

A while ago, Derek Powazek proposed an idea for a mini Mail window based on the functionality of iTunes' mini option; hit the best fit button - the green one - in iTunes to get an idea, or simply check out Derek's post for an actual screenshot mockup of the concept. Fortunately, John Gruber just ...

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Macworld: The many faces of Get Info

The Get Info window works in a few similar but at times mysterious ways, and Rob Griffiths has put together an article that outlines each of its three iterations in Mac OS X 10.4 (Panther has two). While this might be rudimentary to some of you hard-core Mac OS X users out there, this is a handy fea...

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Disk Order - an advanced Finder replacement

Disk Order is another app that takes a stab at replacing the Finder, but doesn't seem to take things quite as overboard as PathFinder. With tabbed file browser windows, built-in FTP client, command line tools and more, Disk Order should have a few things to offer anyone who feels like the Finder is...

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Stop manually maximizing your windows

This rant about Mac OS X, multitasking and usability is brought to you by the letter Q and a disgruntled design student: I heard something snap in my head today as I sat down at the back of an art history lecture hall (where outlets are, I follow) and got to peek over the shoulder of a girl using a...

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TUAW Tip: keep a message open when replying

Today's tip involves a hint I found that I thought was just too handy not to mention. If you use and you open some messages in their own window, you might have noticed that if you hit reply, the original message disappears in favor of your new message composition window. Understand...

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TUAW Tip: you can rotate windows, too

For today's TUAW Tip, I thought I'd build on Scott's tip yesterday (concerning the Application Switcher) with a simple tip about cycling windows, not applications. Many of us know (or will soon) that using cmd - tab will switch between applications, but plenty of users still haven't discovered the w...

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