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Ask TUAW: Canceling Mobile Me, iPhone backups, playing Windows media files and more

Welcome back to another edition of our weekly Q & A column Ask TUAW. Each week this column will appear with questions and answers. If you have questions for the following week's column, drop them in the comments, and I will do my best to get to them. I won't be able to answer them all every time...

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Flip4Mac adds Windows Media 9 Advanced playback

The essential QuickTime plugin for playing Windows Media files, Flip4Mac, has been updated. In addition to bug fixes, etc., the new beta version adds the significant improvement of support for Windows Media 9 Advanced playback. If you've been running into incompatibilities with a favorite s...

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Get 35% off Flip4Mac

Ok, so for whatever reason you just need to have the ability to encode darling little WMVs on your Mac, Flip4Mac is probably the way you'll want to go, and macZOT! makes the encoding software more appealing with a nice 35% off discount. The full-fledged Flip4Mac WMV Studio package typically runs $49...

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Universal Flip4Mac coming soon (Today!)

People who want to play Windows Media files on their Intel Macs can rejoice, eventually. That's right, Telestream, the makers of the very cool Flip4Mac which enables Quicktime to play Windows Media files, have posted a note on their website. It basically says that they are working on a Universal Bin...

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Flip4Mac begins beta testing Universal Binary WMV QuickTime components

For Intel Mac users who either love or hate WMV but have to deal with it one way or another, Flip4Mac has just begun beta testing the long-awaited Universal Binary version of their WMV QuickTime components. Announced in their forums today, it is more or less an invite-yourself program, as I had to c...

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Firefox extension: VideoDownloader does just what it says

VideoDownloader is a slick Firefox extension that allows you to save content from websites, including embedded videos at sites like YouTube. The extension adds a small icon to Firefox's status bar that, when clicked, offers a pop-up window with a download link of the actual file you want. Simple and...

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VLC 0.8.5 released with Intel Mac, Growl support, many improvements

The most excellent jack-of-many-formats VLC media player has just reached version 0.8.5, and boy  does it pack a whallop - just check out the release notes. The biggest new additions to write home about are Universal Binary support, Growl notifications, a statistics system, new skin support in...

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Microsoft offers Flip4Mac for free

Flip4Mac is a plugin for Quicktime that allows you to watch Windows Media files in Quicktime itself, and that's pretty cool. However, what is even cooler is that this great little plugin is now available for free thanks to Microsoft. You read that correctly, Microsoft is freely distributing Flip4Mac...

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