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TruEnergy headphones are designed for women, full of vibrance and color

It's not everyday I get sent a review request for an iOS accessory specifically for women, but TruEnergy got in touch with a range of in-ear headphones with just that in mind. The headphones come in three different models, each model in three different variety of colors. It's certainly not your typi...

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App Camp for Girls would introduce girls to coding

The App Camp for Girls is a recently unveiled Indiegogo project that's designed to provide support for young girls interested in putting together iPhone and mobile apps. The camp itself is planned for a run in Portland later this year, and will allow girls to go through all of the steps of putti...

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TUAW Gift Guides: Gifts for tech-savvy women

Holiday time is drawing near, with Black Friday just over the horizon. So have you started thinking about what to get your favorite gal? You might want to subscribe to a Monoprice e-mail alert to catch the latest restocks for your beloved's iPhone or iPod touch. Last night, they sold out of their 22...

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Retail experience draws women to AAPL?

Piqqem, a service that crowdsources stock picks, has some interesting demographic data about who says they're buying AAPL. Among female users, Apple is the most highly rated stock to buy. The lowest-rated stock is Dillards -- which leads to an interesting analysis by Alex Salkever, director of resea...

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Study shows 43% of college women prefer Macs

"Hi, I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC." -- You've probably heard those words more than a few times. Apple has been airing the "Get a Mac" commercials for a few years, and from the looks of it, the ads have been fairly successful. But has it really helped spread the word that Mac is better? iPhone Savior rece...

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Meet guys at the Apple Store

I believe that a good percentage of our staff here at TUAW is married, female, or both, so being the bachelor that I am, I'll be the one to post the news that Apple Stores are a great place to meet single men, sent to us by reader Naveed (and I do believe this might be the first and hopefully the ...

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Women Mac geeks at BlogHer '06

I just finished speaking on a panel -- Primp Your Blog -- at BlogHer '06. The audience was mostly women -- for a change. And here's the really good news: a cheer went up when I introduced myself as a Mac user, and a majority of hands went up when I asked how many in the room were Mac users. Women Ma...

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