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Tag: Wwdc07

WWDC Lost Episode: Daniel Jalkut from Red Sweater Software

Click To Play Digging through the archives we came upon the lost tape of WWDC: an interview with Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software. Red Sweater sells MarsEdit and Black Ink, among other apps. Daniel was kind enough to talk WWDC, iPhone and show us around Black Ink, a very nice...

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TUAW at WWDC 2007: Interview with Wolf Rentzsch

Wolf Rentzsch is another Mac developer so devoted to his craft that he comes to WWDC just for the fun of it. Wolf loves code so much, in fact, that he started C4, an "indie conference for indie developers." Scott sat down with Wolf to talk about Mac dev work, his own work, iPhone and C4. NOTE: Th...

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WWDC Video: TUAW interview with Brent Simmons

Brent Simmons has earned a spot in our docks for years now with NetNewsWire, perhaps the premiere RSS reader on the Mac. But Brent loves developing Mac apps, and he's a big fan of the platform in general. Funny how that works. Mr. Simmons was kind enough to sit and chat with Scott about the WWDC ...

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Video: Inside Delicious Generation

Here's a distillation of demos seen at Delicious Generation. This time we're trying something a little different and using Viddler, a service that will reportedly allow you to interactively bash the quality of the video as it plays (no need to mention the interlacing, we see it). Oh, you can leav...

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A bird's-eye view of the Apple Bash in SF

Click To Play Right now I can hear the band (I'm musically ignorant, so if you know who these kids are, leave it in the comments) playing, so thought I'd share what I can see from the hotel room. Just a taste of what the real attendees are enjoying at 8pm PST... (sorry about the a...

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Video: Billable, keep track of your hours

Click To Play Mike Zornek, owner of Clickable Bliss shows us Billable, a handy app for tracking freelance gigs or other hourly projects. Billable will do more than tracking though, so watch the video to see a really neat app from another indie Mac developer....

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Video: Monkey Business Labs and Package Tracker 3 sneak peek

Click To Play Monkey Business Labs, makers of the fine TV Tracker and Package Tracker widgets show us what's new in their bag of widget tricks... Like a sneak peek at Package Tracker 3. If you thought version 2 was cool, stick around for the ending because version 3 will knock your...

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TUAW Video: VMware Fusion

Click To Play Pat Lee was kind enough to join us in TUAW's mobile lab (aka the Marriott) and give us a whirlwind tour of VMware's latest and greatest Fusion offering. While Parallels was first out the door with a virtualization app, VMware has been in the business for a long time, ...

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TUAW Video: LANrev demo at WWDC

Click To Play Scott sat down with Martin Bestmann of LANrev to talk about their powerful cross-platform client management application and got a sneak peek at what's coming in the next version....

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TUAW Video: Bently Holding loves Macs

Click To Play Yesterday we made a trip to 240 Stockton Street, a gorgeous old art deco building overlooking Union Square in San Francisco. A short elevator ride up and we were taken on a quick tour of the Bently Holdings SF office-- an office that runs everything on a Mac. They are...

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Scott on CNBC now in iTunes

In today's world, media cannot be lost but only transformed. In this specific case, TUAW's Scott McNulty's appearance on CNBC is the transformation target; if you had trouble watching the clip of the Face2Face segment in CNBC's Windows Media embed on their page, the video is now available in the iTu...

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Developers not at WWDC unhappy about exclusive beta

After WWDC '06, when Leopard was first introduced, developers were a little annoyed that Apple took around two months to ship out the beta copies they were promised. This time around, Apple seems to have changed their tune: they allowed developers at WWDC to walk away with a beta copy yesterday - bu...

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Rumor: Free full screen to come to QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player's lack of fullscreen playback (without ponying up the cash for a Pro license, that is) has long been an unnecessary annoyance. Sure, you could always use some sort of AppleScript hack (e.g. osascript -e 'tell application "QuickTime Player" to present front movie scale screen') to g...

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iChat screen sharing now a Finder feature

Quite a few of you have noticed that the iChat screen-sharing feature introduced at last year's WWDC seems to have gone missing in the refresh of the Leopard feature pages on Apple's site. This would have been so helpful for the family tech support and whatnot, and probably easy to implement under t...

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More on rolling back from Safari 3 Beta

For a few unfortunate folks (remember, everyone, 'beta' means 'may do you wrong') the Safari 3 Beta installation has gone seriously off the rails. Inability to run the browser, inability to run other Apple apps that depend on WebKit... here there be dragons. If you can't run the bundled uninstaller ...

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