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Apple posts WWDC 2008 keynote in HD

First you could stream the yesterday's keynote, then you could download it via iTunes, and now you can stream it in HD. Nothing beats seeing an Apple presentation in HD, you can almost smell the Old Spice on Phil Schiller. Thanks, Jeff....

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Steve Jobs has a 'common bug'

Normally I wouldn't even post about this, but several people have commented on the way Steve Jobs looked during his keynote yesterday. Most folks seemed to think that he looked a little thinner than usual, which of course makes one think back to his battle with cancer. An Apple PR person assured the...

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TUAW predicts WWDC '08: How did we do?

The dust has settled from the stampede of announcements from yesterday's WWDC Keynote so it's time to take a look back at our predictions and see how we did! First, let's take a look at what was released at this year's WWDC: Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) seeds for developers MobileMe iPhone...

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Apple posts Snow Leopard Server information

Many people forget that Apple makes 2 variants of OS X for Macs: client (that's the one you run on your personal Mac) and Server (which is normally found on a server, oddly enough). We've already posted (twice) about the client version of Snow Leopard, but what about Apple's next iteration of their ...

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Apple posts Snow Leopard website

It is clear that Apple isn't ready to talk too much about the next version of OS X, Snow Leopard, but they are eager to set expectations. In addition to the press release we pointed to earlier today Apple has created a new section on its website explaining the focus of Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard ...

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MobileMe requires OS X 10.5.4?

TUAW reader Lee Car noticed something odd whilst reading the Terms and Conditions of MobileMe (I'm impressed that anyone actually reads that stuff). The official System Requirements of MobileMe say that you need 'Mac OS X v10.4.11 or latest version of Mac OS X Leopard,' which isn't all that newsy ...

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Where can I buy an iPhone 3G?

View Larger Map During this afternoon's WWDC madness, international Apple fans were treated to some great news on the iPhone front: the iPhone 3G will be available in more than 70 countries. While 22 countries will see the phone launch on July 11, 2008, the phone will be hitting other parts of the ...

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iPhone 2.0 firmware will ship in early July, touch users pay $9.95

The WWDC keynote is still ongoing, but one tidbit that we have to bring you immediately: we have a launch date for the iPhone 2.0 firmware and the iTunes App Store, "early July." iPhone users get the upgrade free of charge, and iPod touch users can download it for a $9.95 charge. Applications under ...

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TUAW Meta-Liveblog of WWDC 08 Keynote

Happy Stevemas! (Peace on earth, OS X to all.) Welcome to TUAW's Live metaliveblog of today's WWDC keynote....

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Join TUAW on IRC

There is nothing better than sharing the joy of a Steve Jobs Keynote with fellow Apple fans. That's why several of TUAW's bloggers (myself included) are hanging out in the tuawrocks room in IRC (the server is:, channel is 'tuawrocks'). Join us to chat about what we hope to see, the ...

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Apple Stores across the world down

It started with the Australian store, but now it looks like the rest of Apple's online stores are down. What will greet us when they come back up? A 3G iPhone? New MacBook Pros? The Mac Fusion? A free pony with every purchase? Only Steve knows for sure....

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WWDC coverage schedule for today

While San Francisco still lies sleeping (with a few notable exceptions), we're gearing up for a full day & week of WWDC coverage. Here are some of the times to pencil in on your iCal reminder list: 1pm ET -- our metaliveblog coverage of the keynote begins, anchored by Erica and enthusiastica...

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Pingie brings TUAW's WWDC coverage to your phone

Today marks the official start of WWDC, and we at TUAW plan to cover the heck out of it. As always you can check out all of our coverage at our WWDC 2008 page, via our RSS feed, or by following us on Twitter (assuming Twitter stays up during the keynote). I know what you're thinking: why can't TUAW ...

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Rumor: Mac Fusion - a new developer Mac

On WWDC Eve, we at TUAW are hard at work keeping an eye out for the unknown and unexpected. We just received a tip showing what appears to be the Mac Nano computer that we've all wanted -- and it looks to be aimed towards the developer crowd. The pictures appear to show a Mac geared towards deve...

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Talkcast tonight at 10 pm ET, last chance for WWDC best guesses

Last week's talkcast included some great WWDC preview discussion with developers Kai Cherry and Todd Ditchendorf along with an expanded panel. Apologies for the scratchy audio (we had to use the Talkshoe low-bandwidth recording instead of the local Skype copy). Download the show from Talkshoe, play...

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