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Dear Aunt TUAW: I made the switch. What do I do with my old system?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I did it. I made the switch. Mountain Lion and those hot Retina display MacBook Pros finally brought me to the Mac Side. So, what do I do with my old Windows system? It runs Win 7, is reasonably functional, and in need of a task. What do you suggest? Your loving (new) nephew...

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New Apple TV teardown reveals 8 GB Flash storage, 512 MB RAM

XBMC forum member aicjofs tore down his Apple TV while waiting for a jailbreak and discovered the unit has 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of on-board storage. It also has a dual-core A5 processor identified as APL2498, which suggests it is a variant of the standard A5 found in the iPad 2. There's also ...

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Boxee Mac media player reaches end-of-life with new version

The Boxee project has come a long way from its humble origins as a fork of the Xbox Media Center, bringing easy video playback and a couch-to-screen UI to the Mac, then later to Windows and Ubuntu, and now to the company's own dedicated Boxee Box hardware (soon to support live broadcast TV). There...

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XBMC for iOS and Apple TV now available

XBMC has had a presence on the iTunes App Store since 2008, when a remote for the open-source media center program became available. Despite being originally designed for the Microsoft Xbox console, versions of the app have become a popular media interface for Mac OS X and Apple TV among other pl...

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Boxee back on Apple TV

Boxee recently released a brand new version of their beta software, but unfortunately, that build didn't happen to work on the Apple TV. That's now been fixed, however, and you can now get the USB flash drive creator app that will give you a patchstick to install the latest version on that Apple box...

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XBMC "Camelot" update brings lots of new features

Just in case the gifts you got from your family last week didn't float your boat (no kidding, I got a Yakov Smirnoff DVD -- I love my parents, but they're not the best gift givers in the world), here's another fun present to unwrap. The folks at XBMC released a brand new version on Christmas Eve, a...

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Plex 0.8.3 brings on the Snow Leopard love fest

If you're rocking the Mac mini -- or any other Mac, for that matter --as a media center, then chances are pretty good that you've had some tough times following the upgrade to Snow Leopard. Anticipating such problems, some of us held off upgrading to Mac OS X 10.6. Now the wait is over. Shortly a...

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TUAW Guide: Setting up the Ultimate Mac mini Home Theater

The Mac mini has always been the perfect form factor for a media center appliance (often called a Home Theater PC/HTPC). It's extremely small, almost completely silent and it can easily blend into an existing electronics shelf - or be hidden away completely. The lack of a refresh (and rumors that t...

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Hack Patrol: Restore Hulu to Boxee

As one might expect in the hubub following Hulu's decision to block Boxee users from streaming its content, a technical work around has now popped up. Over at Lifehacker they've got complete instructions for installing a plugin for XBMC / Boxee that will bring back the brain-softening stream. It ap...

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Boxee releases new alpha, adds Netflix support

It's a pretty awesome day to be a Netflix fan. Not only is the Watch Instantly service officially available for OS X, it's also now working via boxee, my favorite media center application! Boxee pushed out an impromptu update last week for Apple TV owners, specifically to address issues with th...

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TUAW talks to boxee and brings you invites

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm super thankful that I have been able to spend the last 13 months blogging for TUAW and interacting with all of you. On a more superficial note, I am also thankful for my Macs and all the cool stuff Apple products enable me to do. The newest member of my Apple family is ...

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Boxee is updated for Apple TV 2.3

We've covered boxee, a fantastic media center application that can run on your Mac or Apple TV. With its attractive interface and support for Hulu, boxee is what convinced my boyfriend and me to order an Apple TV. Predictably, the day our second Apple TV arrived from Apple (the first unit broke afte...

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XBMC remote for iPhone

Following the newly updated Remote application from Apple, there's now a new remote application (iTunes Link) that allows you to control your XBMC Media Center with the iPhone. Obviously to use it you'll have to have a computer (or Xbox) running XBMC, which is available in versions for Xbox, Mac, Li...

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Boxee media center for Mac

Boxee is an interesting new media center application for the Mac based on the XBMC. Separate from the OS X branch of XBMC (now called Plex), Boxee focuses on a social networking experience by allowing you to get (and give) recommendations to friends who are also on the service. You can also share y...

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Apple TV linux bootloader

If the native hackability of the version of OS X on the Apple TV isn't enough for you, there's now a convenient boot loader that allows you to install linux. This also opens up the possibility of running linux based video software, particularly MPlayer, Myth TV, and XMBC. Further, since there are li...

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