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Connect360 now does DivX/Xvid

We've posted on Connect360 from nullriver several times before. This handy Preference Pane application allows you to stream media (music, pictures, and video) from your Mac to your Xbox 360 (by emulating a Windows machine). Well the Fall 2007 Dashboard update for Xbox 360 just dropped this week and,...

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Apple adds Xvid to QT Components site

Our own David just texted us to let us know that Apple has added Xvid to its online QuickTime Components list. The Xvid-for-QuickTime component, which you can download here, allows you to play and encode Xvid video. As the writeup mentions, Xvid follows the MPEG-4 standard....

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Apple TV hacked to play XviD format videos

Word has come in that the Apple TV has been cleverly hacked (yes, already) to play XviD format videos, according to users from the Something Awful forums. To achieve this, the hardware hacker dissected the Apple TV, removing the hard drive and then mounting it on a Mac, where the drive pops up as a...

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VisualHub - The universal video converter

VisualHub is a feature-packed and 'universal' video converter for Mac OS X from the maker of iSquint. From its website: "VisualHub bridges the gap between numerous complicated video formatting standards, and people that just want to get the job done - just what you would expect from the Mac." It bo...

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ffmpegX has gone Universal

ffmpegX, my video encoder of choice, has released a new version (0.0.9w) that is a Universal Binary (I bet it encodes like lightening on one of the now Intel Macs). This version only supports OS X 10.3 or higher, so you pre-Panther folks will need to use an older version. Other than the Universal go...

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