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Yahoo! Messenger 3 adds voice, in beta

Our friends on the Yahoo! Messenger team dropped us a note alerting us to their newly released Yahoo! Messenger 3 Beta 3 for the Mac. What's the big news with this beta? As you might recall previous betas made Messenger a Universal Binary and added tabbed chats. New in this beta: voice calling. That...

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Apple TV on Yahoo! Tech's Worst of 2007 list

Apple products often find themselves on the yearly 'Best of' lists composed by the mainstream media and bloggers alike, but they don't often grace the 'Worst of' lists. Sadly, Yahoo! Tech has deemed the Apple TV as one of the 'Top 10 Worst Tech Products' of the year. Apple TV made the list for a few...

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Paul Thurrott amazes again, turns iPhone's Yahoo! synching feature into a complaint

Uh oh, famed purveyor of the SuperSite for Windows and spinster extraordinaire Paul Thurrott is at it again with a third installment of his iPhone review that focuses on the iPhone's performance as an actual phone. Never faltering in his ability to spin a genuinely innovative feature into a mark aga...

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Using multi-network Meebo chat service on your iPhone

While Nik Fletcher at our sister site Download Squad discovered that Meebo works decently on an iPhone, it isn't without some catches. Meebo, for those who have never experienced, is a leading web-based multi-network chat service; in other words - chatting in a web browser is their business, and the...

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Yahoo!Sync installed with OS X 10.4.10

TUAW reader Dustin Johnston tipped us off that a new OS X framework is getting installed with the OS X 10.4.10 update, namely Yahoo Sync. Located in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks, YahooSync.framework contains an embedded Yahoo!Sync application. If you want to find it on your computer, choose Go ...

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Tyra Banks has Apple products on her holiday wish list

Yahoo! is asking celebrities to compile their holiday tech wish lists. Why? Hello, how would we know what to buy if celebrities didn't tell us? The latest celeb to list their tech wants is Tyra Banks. The top two slots on her list are given over to gear from our favorite fruit company. The iPod nano...

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Infinite Loop interviews Yahoo! Messenger dev

When we first came across the beta of Yahoo! Messenger 3 we were impressed. This feels like an OS X app, not some crappy Windows port! Then we pretty much forgot about the whole thing, but Jeff Smykil at Infinite Loop didn't. He wanted to know why Messenger suddenly didn't suck on the Mac, and he wa...

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Make Jessica Simpson say your name

This is kind of neat. Yahoo! Music is offering a customized MP3 of Jessica Simpson's song 'A Public Affair.' What is customized about it? If your name is on a predetermined list you can buy a version of the song that includes your name in the lyrics for only $1.99. Scott is currently on the list, b...

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