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Tag: YouTube Find

YouTube Find: Cheer on this iPad robot as it escapes from its conference room confinement

Double Robotics had a clever idea to market Double, its iPad-equipped telepresence robot -- instead of a plain jane demonstration video, the company setup a robot in a conference room and allowed the public to control it over the Internet. Users could move the Seqway-style robot using a web-based i...

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You won't believe the fast fingers of this iPad and iPhone 6 Plus drummer

Faced with limitations due to his living arrangements, drummer and YouTube user Appleman has made the best of his situation, opting to use GarageBand and other apps on an iPad and iPhone 6 Plus to lay down some spectacular tracks. Especially impressive is how he uses the 6 Plus along with the iPad...

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Star Wars kitty loves the iPad preview of 'The Force Awakens'

Named after Hoth's ice cave predators, Wampa the kitty loves Star Wars videos, especially the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, which recently made its online debut. What better way to show Wampa the latest clip than on the household iPad, allowing the feline to get up close and personal w...

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YouTube Find: Creepiest thing you'll see waiting in line for an iPhone 6

As spotted by Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore, this replica of Steve Jobs in a lounge chair and with an apple has to the be the most disturbing iPhone 6 line-waiter ever. The video reportedly was taken at the Ginza (Tokyo) Apple store. Update: Well, apparently the owner of the video took it off of Yo...

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YouTube Find: Is this the new iPhone 6?

Doldo411 of Second City Network introduces us to the iPhone 6 in what he claims is the biggest leak in Apple history. Will you be line-waiting for this one next month? ...

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YouTube Find: DIY Sewer pipe tripod mount for the iPad

The iPad can be a wonderful tool for making stop motion videos, but finding a way to hold the tablet while you rearrange your scenes can be a challenge. One DIY filmmaker has developed a creative way to hold an iPad using a tripod and some sewer pipe. Using this YouTube video and accompanying Ins...

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YouTube Find: Home repair of an iPhone 5s display

Walking around with a cracked iPhone 5s because you don't have AppleCare+ ? There's good news as CNET TV has published an excellent video walking you through the replacement of a cracked iPhone 5s display. If you watch the video tutorial and read this step-by-step guide from iFixit, then you will ...

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YouTube Find: Watch the amazing healing of a facial injury in this daily iPhone selfie video

This "selfie a day" photographer had the unfortunate experienced of being "glassed" a few months into his daily photo project. From that day forward, his selfies took on new meaning as they documented his terrible facial injury, the resulting scar and his eventual transformative healing. The stil...

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YouTube Find: Recycle an old magazine into a colorful iPad case

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add some color to your iPhone or iPad, you should check out this DIY case from Karen Kavett of Karen's Crafts. Not only does it look great, it's also simple to make and easy to customize. ...

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YouTube Find: Group help session for selfie-addicted Instagrammers goes awry

Comedians Tripp and Tyler take on the selfie phenomena in this poignant and amusing video profiling a group of Instagram-addicted people seeking relief from their compulsion to post pictures of themselves online. ...

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YouTube Find: Make iPhone speakers out of an old Starbucks cup

This clever DIY from NYU Science Of Music shows you how to turn an old Starbucks cup into a speaker for your iPhone or iPad. It's not super loud, but it's a fun way to learn more about how speakers work....

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YouTube Find: Stop motion video used to sell Japanese water features iPhone and inch-sized, 3D-printed figures

Japanese beverage maker Kirin pulls no stops in making this clever stop motion video that uses content on an iPhone as the backdrop for an animated story. Each character used in the ad was 3D-printed and is 1:48 scale, which is about the size of a Lego minifig ( 1.5-inch figure represents a 6-foot...

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YouTube Find: How to take a selfie by the bold and old Mr. Forthright

The definitive guide to taking a selfie by YouTube's favorite Grandpa, Mr. Forthright. ...

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YouTube Find: What New Yorkers really think about a larger iPhone

UrAvgConsumer took to the streets of New York City and showed people an iPhone mockup that featured a 4.7-inch screen. While the tech press (and Samsung) has everyone convinced that bigger phones are better, not everyone on the street agrees. ...

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YouTube Find: iPhone-wielding prankster crashes other people's phone conversations

It takes some courage along with some craziness to brazenly crash other people's cell phone conversations. Armed only with an iPhone and a sense of humor, the husband and wife team at Mediocre Films recently set out in Beverly Hills to see how people responded when their conversations were crashed...

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