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Weekend Poll: Thinsperational or Ugly?

A wave-themed banner goes up at Moscone West. It joins the iOS 7 banner revealed earlier today. Beautiful? Or a horrifying glimpse of art over usability? Some are saying it means OS X will be Sea Lion. Some are saying it's just a wave. Others are speaking in hushed riddles... What does it mean? W...

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Weekend Poll: What would you have asked Tim Cook at All Things Digital?

On Tuesday, Tim Cook took the stage at D11: All Things Digital. Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg spent nearly an hour and a half asking Cook about Apple's future plans and directions, questions he evaded with dignity and forbearance. Topics included wearable tech, Apple's potential foray into televi...

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Weekend Poll: What apps did you discover via the 50 billionth download contest?

On Wednesday, Apple sold its 50 billionth iOS app. TUAW was there keeping track of the excitement and monitoring the iTunes store. Many of our colleagues and readers used this contest as an opportunity to stock up on numerous free apps, to test and explore. Were you one of them? What apps did yo...

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Weekend Poll: Are you switching to T-Mo?

On Friday, T-Mobile finally launched its iPhone line, offering some great deals along the way. Did you hop over and place a request for an iPhone 5? American customers now have more service choices than ever. From Cricket to Straight Talk, Virgin to Sprint, you can now shop plans, devices, and ...

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Weekend Poll: What rate, innovation?

Over the past year, things seem to have slowed down at Apple. OS upgrades have spaced out. The iPhone seems to have stabilized to a fairly consistent product -- the 4, 4S, and 5 aren't markedly different, other than a small bump in size. OS X has become more a matter of bug fixes, smoothing and re...

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Weekend Poll: Retina MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro has always represented the best of business computing. With its powerful processors, superb screen sizes, and now Retina display, it's the belle of Apple's showroom. The MBP with Retina display has had a rougher time of things, however, than the standard-issue debutante. Scree...

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Weekend Poll: Desktop Hygiene

How do you organize your OS X desktop? That topic became a matter of much heat and passion in the TUAW back channels recently. That's my desktop you see up there. It's not particularly pristine but I don't feel it's overly cluttered either. I keep links to all my current project folders on th...

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Weekend Poll: Does the budget iPhone have legs?

Rumors continue to fly about a budget-priced iPhone. Although we here at TUAW remain completely agnostic on the likelihood of this product, we certainly can understand why Apple would benefit from a low-cost product -- and not just for emerging markets like China. Consider the iPad 2. It's stil...

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Holiday Poll: What Apple product rumor do you want to see go real?

It's a pretty slow news day due to today's holiday. A bunch of us were joking around in the TUAW back channels about fake and rumored products we'd love to see Apple actually bring to life. I'm rooting for a Pro refresh, while Randy N's holding out hope for a brand new generation of Newtons. Me...

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Weekend Poll: What's up for Apple this Spring?

Normally as February and March roll around, our minds start drifting towards iPads and OS X. Until this past year, when Apple seemed to reset its iPad clock in October, we saw new hardware ticking by each Spring. Late Winter is also usually the time we hear the first meows of Apple's newest OS X ...

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Weekend poll: Why the long OS upgrade delays?

iOS 6.1. OS X 10.8.3. What do they have in common? They are Apple operating system updates that many expected to debut way earlier than now. So why the delay? Is Apple fixing engineering issues from previous teams? As Craig Federighi (at right) takes control over a joint OS X/iOS team, are new...

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What Apple gear do you buy a reindeer for Christmas?

Maybe we're tipplin' the 'nog a bit too much here at TUAW Central, but we thought you'd enjoy joining in our poll on the best Apple-themed presents for Rangifer tarandus volans. These animals are responsible for an awful lot of hard work, distributing presents, defying physics (something with a...

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Ditching the iPhone? Planning for 2013

Ever since the iPad mini debuted, I've had a plan brewing at the back of my mind. Sometime in 2013, I'm considering ditching my iPhone, picking up a refurb 1st gen iPad mini 3G (I assume I won't be putting this plan into action until the spring at the earliest), and buying a cheap Tracfone with t...

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Where's my convertible Mac?

Here at TUAW, we just received our 5 billionth review request for a new iPad keyboard system. More and more, makeshift solutions attempting to turn iPads into laptops is a "been there done that" for me. Is it "too Microsoft" to ask Apple to come out with a proper convertible notebook/tablet, a ...

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My Mac mini is my 2012 tech boyfriend

As 2012 draws to a close, I'm happy to report that I am totally in love with my new Mac mini. It boots like a dream. Its Fusion drive seamlessly and invisibly manages my data, keeping the files system snappy and responsive. Even Xcode, bane of my existence, crashes faster and more smoothly than...

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