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Zaprudering the Invite: Anything to see?

Whatever you might think of Apple's grammar, there's not much this invitation's artwork is giving away. Of course, we all want to know: is there a camera up there? If so, we're not seeing evidence of it in the top-middle of the graphic. Perhaps there is a left-mounted camera hidden by March 2...

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Zaprudering the iPhone Commercials: Maps

Wow. The things you can learn from Apple commercials. Notice anything about that map icon? It looked mighty familiar to me and as TUAW reader Brian noted in our comments, that's a wee stylized image of 1 Infinite Loop, Apple Headquarters--or at least...kind of. The arrow looks more like it's on Nor...

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Zaprudering the iPhone commercials: email

The iPhone commercials that just recently aired offered a nice look into some of the built-in programs in action. Take email, for example. It's one of the four main iPhone modes (the other three are: Phone, Safari and iPod). The videos revealed a number of mail features: The number of unread new...

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