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Tenuous rumor pegs iPad 3 CPU as a dual-core 2GHz part

Treat this one as pure speculation, because frankly, that's what it is. A "high-ranking official" at Samsung let slip that the company is "planning to release a 2GHz dual-core CPU-equipped smartphone by next year." This means that Samsung, one of the world's biggest chip manufacturers and a signif...

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A5 beats Tegra 2 in benchmark tests, thanks to larger size

GLBenchmark pitted a few tablet processors against each other in a speed showdown, and Apple's custom-designed A5 chip in the iPad 2 handily beats NVIDIA's Tegra 2 processor, used in competing tablets like the Motorola Xoom. A few analysts are saying that it's the size that matters in this case...

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iPhone 5 rumors: new antenna, metal case

Trial production for the iPhone 5 has already started in China, according to speculation from The China Times published on Tuesday. According to the report, Apple's fifth-generation smartphone, expected to launch during the third quarter this year, will feature a metal chassis, more sensitive a...

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iOS 4.3 hints at A5 processor in iPhone 5

iClarified reports that based on evidence found within the iOS 4.3 firmware, the iPhone 5 is likely to have the same dual-core A5 processor as the iPad 2. This is not at all shocking; last year, the iPhone 4 launched with the same A4 processor that debuted in the original iPad. The iPad 2 is sh...

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Apple selects Taiwan's TSMC to produce its A5 chip

Apple is reported to have inked a deal with Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC to produce the A5 dual-core chip for the iPad 2, in a substantial blow to former producer Samsung. TSMC was apparently chosen over Samsung because tests showed it was consistently producing the chips more efficiently...

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Apple's A5 chip rumored to have 4X the power of A4

AppleInsider is reporting that both the iPad 2 and the next generation of the iPhone, both rumored to be released later on this year, will feature the next generation of chips designed by Apple. The A5 (named after the A4, the current chip in most iOS devices) is rumored to have two cores, making f...

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