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Phil Libin shares some insight on Evernote's future

Fortune has had a quick chat with our friend Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote, a company that has grown by leaps and bounds since we last talked. Evernote was popular back when it simply tracked notes and photos. Today the company has acquired Skitch and a few other companies, and is making inroa...

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Google has purchased Waze

Google announced in a blog post today that it is acquiring social traffic company Waze. This announcement is not surprising as Google was rumored to be close to inking a deal with the Israeli startup. Google was one of many suitors reportedly courting Waze -- earlier rumors hinted at a potential d...

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Zynga closes OMGPOP, the creators of Draw Something

Zynga announced yesterday that it was laying off about 18 percent of its work staff, or about 520 employees, which is bad news for any company. But it turns out that this set of folks includes most of the crew of OMGPOP, the company Zynga acquired for its uber-popular app Draw Something last yea...

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Tim Cook says Apple has already acquired nine companies in 2013

During his appearance at All Things D last night, Tim Cook mentioned that Apple in 2013 is acquiring companies at a faster clip than in years past. In previous years, Cook noted, Apple acquired an average of six companies per year. Not even six months into 2013, Cook explained Apple has already ac...

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Box acquires Folders, in what sounds like the least exciting acquisition deal ever

File-sharing service Box has acquired the technology behind a French app called Folders, which was never released, but is also centered on browsing and sharing files on the iPhone. Terms of the acquisition weren't revealed, but Box said that Folders would be a big influence on the next few ite...

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OtterBox acquires LifeProof

OtterBox, a pioneer in smartphone case technology based in Ft. Collins, Colo., today got a little bit larger. The company acquired LifeProof, a company that builds a line of waterproof cases that provide superior protection without adding a lot of bulk or weight to devices. OtterBox will begin in...

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Burstly restructures, now offers three services for code-to-ship functionality

Burstly acquired the beta testing service TestFlight just a few months ago, and TestFlight released a mobile analytics service called FlightPath soon after that. Now, Burstly has announced that it is restructuring its offerings, to set up a full set of services to take developers from developing...

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Jawbone acquires BodyMedia

BodyMedia, the makers of a few fitness trackers that work directly with the iPhone and other smartphones, has announced that it has been acquired by Jawbone, creators of the popular Up motion tracker and other Bluetooth headsets and accessories. Techcrunch's "reliable sources" say the deal was clo...

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WSJ: Apple acquires WiFiSLAM indoor location tech startup

In a reported $20 million acquisition deal, Apple has bought the "indoor GPS" company WiFiSLAM, according to the Wall Street Journal Digits blog. The startup, founded by Stanford CS grad & former Google coding intern Joseph Huang, offered a way to let smartphones find their location indoo...

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Former Color employee talks about Apple's Lala deal

Aubrey Johnson is a former employee of Color, the startup recently acquired by Apple and founded by Bill Nguyen, who sold another company to Apple called Lala. Over on his personal blog, Johnson has put up a post that walks right through the story of how Apple picked up Lala, from the reasoning...

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Apple supposedly considering Waze acquisition

Of the plethora of iOS navigation apps, probably none is more unique than Waze. The free app uses group-sourced information about points of interest and traffic to make navigating fun. If you've ever tried the app, you know that you can actually turn driving into a game as you motor around town...

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GREE tweaks US operations, invests in MunkyFun

GREE is a very large Japanese social network similar to Facebook or Twitter that has been trying to secure some mindspace in the West by acquiring game developers and their large audiences. The company is making a heavy investment in MunkyFun, makers of My Horse and Bounty Bots, for $3 million....

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Nokia announces Here, a new maps service coming to iOS

Apple's already had plenty of maps-related woes, and here comes what might be even more trouble. At an event in San Francisco, Nokia has announced a brand-new maps service called Here, and in addition to releasing across Nokia's usual platforms, the service also has an iOS app that's already be...

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Color closeout story shifts; team said to be headed to Apple

It's been a Color-ful 24 hours for anyone following the several contradictory stories surrounding the future of the exorbitantly-funded social media company Color. As the dust settles, it appears that Apple is poised to purchase the heart of Color, just not its name. The saga started when an ema...

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Apple acquires HTML5 design shop Particle

According to a report in CNET, Apple has quietly acquired Particle, a consulting company that specializes in web and HTML 5-based marketing projects. The company has worked with high-profile companies like Google, Motorola, Amazon, Yahoo and even Apple. It's also known for its celebrity backer,...

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