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iPhone activation working

We've gotten a number of happy iPhone users telling us that activations are working once more. I've been encountering a number of iTunes errors myself while trying to update my iPhone to the 2.0 firmware, though I just tried once more and it worked. Your mileage may vary, but it looks like things ar...

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After the Line Blog

Well, I'm back home after five hours in line at the Apple Store, less $389.98 (I bought AppleCare and a 16GB iPhone 3G). What do I have to show for it? As of 1:00 PM MDT, everything is suddenly working. I have an iPhone 3G, although I've now discovered that I don't have 3G service at my home despi...

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UK iPhone launch hampered by IE?

Computerworld is reporting that our friends in the UK have been frustrated by the iPhone 3G launch. It would seem that while the iPhone 3G is for sale in Apple Stores, the activation process isn't working smoothly (sound familiar?). Why is that, you ask? Because O2, that's the UK wireless company ...

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iTunes activation server pining for the fjords

According to a few tipsters, the iTunes activation servers that help do everything from activate brand new iPhones to getting new firmware for iPod touches are dead to the world. Tipster dik said "[A]s of right now, [Apple Retail] has lost all connectivity with the iTunes activation servers. No id...

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Apple details what you need to bring for iPhone purchase

Apple has posted some information regarding where to buy the iPhone 3G and what to bring to the store so you can get up and running. According to Apple, in-store activations will occur at Apple's retail stores. "Let a Specialist help you choose your iPhone, check the network coverage where you live...

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AT&T to penalize iPhones not activated within 30 days

The iPhone 3G activation saga is quite confusing. Most people think that Apple and AT&T will require iPhone activations on the spot, thereby cutting into a big part of the unlocked iPhone phenomenon. However, this AP report suggests that there will be a way for people to get unactivated iPhones,...

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Confirmed: GoPhone is No Go and in-store Activation only

It isn't the news we were hoping for after Scott posted earlier. Mark Siegel of AT&T public relations has now officially confirmed that AT&T will not offer GoPhone plans for the 3G iPhone and that activation will take place in-store only....

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iLiberty frees my iPhone

My refurb AT&T iPhone finally arrived and I found a chance to test out iLiberty+ this afternoon. After wasting a day jailbreaking and messing with my new iPhone, I just could not bypass that annoying activation screen. Yes, I could ssh into the unit and run stuff from the command line but I had...

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iPhone activation down

Just get a new iPhone today? Or need to re-activate your existing iPhone? Looks like you'll need to wait awhile. iPhone activation is down, and Apple is telling people to wait until tomorrow to activate their phones. Could this be related to today's earlier Store/iTunes outage? Only Apple knows for ...

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AT&T refunding iPhone activation charges for customers who experienced limbo?

If you were one of the unfortunate souls caught up in the AT&T activation limbo, some readers are reporting that you might be able to reclaim at least a few bucks for your pain and suffering. As the story goes, AT&T is apparently refunding the $36 activation fee to those who call and present...

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iPhone activation program released

If you've been wanting to activate your iPhone without iTunes so you can use a non-iPhone AT&T/Cingular SIM, or you just want to use your iPhone as an iPhonePod, I have some good news for you. The guys over at ModMyiPhone have introduced a program that doesn't require you to work from the comma...

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iPhone + Disposable Cellphone + Prepaid Cards + New Activation Tool = Holy Cow

Holy cow. Those guys at are geniuses. Late yesterday, I downloaded a copy of iASign, their new iPhone activation tool. Right now, at this second, my iPhone just made its first call using the SIM from my disposable Cingular phone with its $10 card. After, I dialed *777# and i...

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Prepaid iPhone in a Nutshell

After spending far too many hours trying to set up pre-paid iPhone directly with AT&T, I decided to take matters into my own hands this evening. Instead of trying to connect my newly provisioned AT&T account, I iSigned up using iTunes and entered 999-99-9999 as my social security number (as...

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Two possible fixes for iPhone activation problems

For those still stuck in iPhone activation limbo, we have a couple of tips and tricks might help you to get on your way. While these might not be sure-fire solutions for everyone, they sound general enough and have worked for at least two individuals, so they just might work for you as well. Fi...

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iPhone Second Impressions: On activation, UI, EDGE and answering questions

Another quick round of first impression stuff that covers some user problems with activation, EDGE speeds, Google Maps and Mail. We're working on some more focused, in-depth posts that explore individual features in their entirety, such as Safari, the keyboard, Mail, etc. For now, let's get starte...

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