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Apple to replace European iPhone chargers

Apple has launched an exchange program for 5W European USB Power Adapters that were sold between October, 2009 and September, 2012. The affected adapter is Model A1300. Apple illustrates exactly how to identify it here. Apple has determined that this model may overhead and become a safety risk. T...

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Designing a better MagSafe 2 connector

Apple's original MagSafe connector was a simple, but revolutionary new feature for its notebooks. Its T-shaped design also hates being placed in a lap. The straight-out shape makes it difficult to rest a MacBook on a pair of crossed legs without snapping the charger out of place. The second genera...

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Apple offers free Lightning to Micro USB adapter in China

M.I.C. Gadget reports that iPhone 5 buyers in China will get a little something extra with each new smartphone: A Lightning to Micro USB adapter. The adapter allows users to utilize their existing micro-USB cords to both charge and sync the new iPhone, and helps cut down on the added expense of pi...

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30-pin to Lightning adapter: early users test compatibility

We got a message from developer David Stanfill this morning, who's had an opportunity to start using Apple's 30-pin to Lightning connector. As early pre-orders are just now arriving, we were curious as to how things were working. "I can confirm," he writes, "That the 30-pin to Lightning cable w...

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Daily Update for September 13, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter now definitely available

It appeared and disappeared a few times over the first day of supposed availability, but now it seems to have arrived for good: the Thunderbolt to FireWire 800 adapter originally announced with the most recent laptop refresh is now on sale. The adapter works with all Thunderbolt-equipped Macs an...

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Apple unveils dock to micro USB adapter to comply with EU standards

European Union regulations require cell phone vendors to include micro USB connectors as a means of standardizing charging options for cell phones, a necessary move to cut down on the plethora of mutually incompatible charging options that have proliferated through the mobile phone industry. Rather ...

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Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables banned by HDMI Org

HDMI Org, licensor of the HDMI standard, has demanded that Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables be taken off the market because they are "unlicensed." According to TechRadar, the cables fall afoul of HDMI licensing standards which state that any cable with a male HDMI connector at one end must also ha...

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Plug it all in with the 5-in-1 Connection Kit for iPad

Technology. Always moving forward. Faster, slimmer, more versatile. And capable of providing the world with this 5-in-1 Connection Kit for iPad. It was only three months ago when we wrote about the virtues of a 3-in-1 connection kit from the M.I.C. Gadget Store. But technology hurtles onward li...

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Inline remote controls for iOS devices that work with your current headphones

Problem: You like the inline remote and microphone functions built into the headphones that come with the iPhone, but if you want to use another pair of headphones, you lose that functionality. Solution 1: Ditch your current headphones for another set with built-in controls and a mic. Solution 2: K...

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Rumor: Apple prepping HDMI Macs

The picture above comes from AppleInsider, who are claiming that Apple is about to release a Mac mini with an HDMI port in place of the current DVI connector. And that sound you just heard was hundreds of thousands of mini-based entertainment center owners everywhere crying out in excitement, as a ...

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CES Watch: More tales from the iLounge

Another day at CES 2010, another round of new iPhone, iPod, and Mac-related accessories. We're putting them all together in one post -- it's like you're on the show floor, without the terrible AT&T reception. iLive is introducing a whole slew of new speakers and micro speaker systems. Case...

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Your headphones' mic not working? Don't sweat it.

While I love the functionality of Apple's microphone-enabled headphones (both the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic, which comes with the iPhone 3G S, and the iPhone Stereo Headset, which came with previous iPhones), I've found that the extra layers of functionality also bring extra layers of trou...

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LED Cinema Displays now available

Apple's LED Cinema Displays, announced at a special event in October, are finally available on the Apple Store online, and at Apple retail locations, which should make Cory happy. The LED Cinema Display, which is more suitable as a laptop docking station more than another monitor for your desktop Ma...

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Apple ships replacement USB power adapters

It has been a couple weeks since Apple started the recall process for USB iPhone power adapters. According to Apple, these adapters have the risk of their metal prongs breaking off inside the power outlet, creating a shock risk. Many TUAW readers have noted that their replacement power adapters hav...

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