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Cheap headphone adapter for iPhone

The iPhone headphone jack with its super narrow opening is so recessed that most people simply can't use their personal headphones. The jack is too narrow, their plugs won't fit. Fortunately, Derek K. Miller has found a solution. The iPod Shuffle Sports Case ships with an adapter cable with an ext...

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Thinkpad MagSafe Hack

I've long been of the opinion that Thinkpads are the PowerBooks of the PC world, and if not for the fact that they don't run OS X, I'd be very tempted to consider one when it came time to buy my next computer. Make points us to an enterprising Thinkpad owner who was having some trouble with a flaky ...

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MagSafe Airline Power Adapter released

As Dan mentioned it looks like Apple finally gave in to all our whining and has released an adapter which allows you to power (not charge-the seats don't provide enough juice) your MacBook on those long haul flights-that is, if you're lucky enough to be seated somewhere with access to an EmPower plu...

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Use your Apple power adapter duck with other adapters

macosxhints brings us another juicy tid-bit of information, this time pertaining to a sneaky way to save space when packing all your electronics for a trip. When I travel for more than a few days, I pack 3 power-bricks that all use the same standard two pronged power interface that is so common wit...

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On power adapters, PMUs and the new PowerBooks

As I was using my one month old PowerBook yesterday, I was alarmed to see the charging light on the power adapter randomly shift between orange and green. I came up empty handed after some googling and searching Apple's Support pages, so I started plugging the adapter into other outlets in the apart...

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Belkin announces Dock Adapter for iPod shuffle

Today Belkin announced a new addition to its line of iPod goodies: the Dock Adapter for iPod shuffle. When connected to the shuffle's USB port, the Dock Adapter lets you use a variety of iPod add-ons with your shuffle, including battery packs, auto power cords, iPod speakers, and USB/FireWire cabl...

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