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iWeb Enhancer 1.0

Awesome: Chad Brantly has created a small add-on app for iWeb that can insert all sorts of blogging goodness into your sites such as Flickr pics, AdSense, YouTube videos, blogrolls and more. I haven't tried this out yet, but one word of caution: due to what I would assume could be iWeb's unfriendly ...

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Creammonkey is great - but where are the scripts?

I found a Safari plugin by the name of Creammonkey, which is more or less an attempt at bringing Greasemonkey's abilities to Safari's side of the fence. For those unfamiliar with Greasemonkey: it's a Firefox extension that allows savvy javascript ninjas to add functionality to websites and services,...

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Chax 1.4 - iChat now has tabs

No, that headline is not a typo: at long last, after hoards of OS X users have cried out to Apple in vain for a feature to be added to iChat that other clients have had for what seems like a millennia (I'm Irish. I exaggerate. Sue me) - iChat now has tabs, thanks to the latest Chax update to v1.4. Y...

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Spice up iChat with Chax

Chax is one of those addons that makes you go "ahhh, at least someone's listening." This is a powerful, feature-packed and altogther necessary preferences plugin for iChat. The developer's site offers a lengthy list of features this fantastic plugin brings to the table, but for now, here's...

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Saft updates to 8.2.5, goes universal

Add Saft to your list of universal binary apps, as a recent update to version 8.2.5 can be run on those smokin' new Intel iMacs and MacBook Pros. In addition to UB support, Saft has also gained a few new features such as creating dated folders for organizing downloads, reversed tab order (anyone kno...

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