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Mac 101: Tabbed windows in iChat

New to the Mac? Welcome back to our Mac 101 series, which explores the basics of Mac OS X, provides tips and tricks, and dives into key features of Apple's bundled tools. As a Mac user, you've got several options for chat clients -- Adium, Fire and IRC are all worthy -- but in this post we're goi...

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Adium 1.3.1 released

It was just last week when our favorite multi-service instant messaging client was updated. Now Adium has been updated to 1.3.1. While there aren't any major new features in this version, some big bug fixes improves the application's usability. Here's some of the major bug fixes in this version: ...

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Adium 1.3 released

Multi-service, open source and free chat client Adium received a new point release tonight, with new features and a redesigned interface for viewing contact information. Adium 1.3 features the following goodies: Get Info Window is now called the "Contact Inspector" The aforementioned Contact...

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Adium releases new beta version, now even more psychic

Adium has a sweet new beta version available this morning. If you don't automatically see 1.3b2 when you check for updates, then make sure you've enabled "Update to beta versions when available" under the General tab in the Preference pane. Several new features have been added, including: Enhanc...

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Adium adds Facebook Chat support; emo kids cheer worldwide

Adium, the tasty multi-client Mac chat app, is about to get even tastier: developer Evan Schoenberg announced today on the Adium blog that he's adding Facebook Chat to the ridiculously long list of instant messaging protocols already supported by the app. He even included a screenshot of the new pro...

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Chris Forsythe retires from Adium project

According to a recent post over at the Adium blog, Chris Forsythe, the lead project manager, has decided to say goodbye after 3 years in that position with the Adium project. According to the post, Chris managed the Adium website, support network, and forum. Eric Richie, another member of the Adium ...

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iChat Pro makes iChat look like Adium

Personally, I'm an Adium user at heart -- iChat is super nice (especially for a built-in chat program), but it just doesn't have the features and customizability that that Adium does. But if you have to use iChat for whatever reason (easy video conferencing comes to mind) despite your love for Adium...

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Adium 1.2, the duck has landed.

Flying out of beta status, Adium 1.2 made a full-fledged public release today. And we were just talking about the beta release right before Christmas... Starting with an improved menubar item and account management features, the new features and bugfixes in 1.2 get too numerous for this post, so be ...

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Adium 1.2 beta sneaks out for Christmas

Chances are, some of the Christmas switchers are just now realizing that they've got to find a way to stay in IM-touch with the MSN, Yahoo and other chat service users out there in PC land. Sure, you could run separate clients for each service (or iChat alone for AIM, .Mac and Google Talk/Jabber), b...

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Leopard killed these freeware apps?

Here's an interesting list of applications supposedly killed by Leopard. There's no question that there's a huge amount of functionality in Leopard that was taken care of in Tiger by third-party apps (and this is just a list of freeware-- commenters pointed out last week that Jisho was made almost...

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Spotlight in 10.5 skips over user Library files

Wondering why your Adium chat logs aren't showing up in Spotlight search now that you're running Leopard? Vincent Noel was wondering, and he tracked down the reason: files in your user ~/Library folder are now not reported by Spotlight, unless you enable "Include" to show system files (easiest way: ...

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Adium adds videochat via MeBeam

Videochatting has finally come to Adium-- kind of. They report on their blog that a company called MeBeam has been working on a cross-platform Flash solution, and they've hooked up Adium to use that service. On their site, MeBeam seems a little aloof about what Adium is (they haven't actually ever...

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Apple Insider previews iChat 4.0

Apple Insider continues their series looking ahead to Leopard (boy, it's nice to know next Friday for sure, isn't it?) by previewing the new iChat, version 4.0. As with the Dock review they did last week, they first take a look at the history of iChat, but iChat actually got started fairly late in t...

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Trillian IM client being ported to OS X - private alpha testing begins

While it's pretty hard to imagine why they'd bother, Cerulean Studios is porting Trillian, their wildly successful Windows multi-IM client, to OS X. How will Trillian (a commercial product) compete against Adium (a free product), particularly considering that Adium is a number of years ahead of Tril...

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Adium update fixes memory leaks and Safari bugs

The folks behind Adium, the fantastic free and open source instant messaging client for Mac, have released a recommended upgrade that fixes 26 bugs and a bunch of other issues. Update 1.1.2 resolves a memory leak while viewing tooltips and AIM mobile contacts now display correctly. Several issues ...

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