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Rumor: Adobe to sue Apple over SDK rules

This seemed like it was destined to happen; word out of Silicon Valley is that Adobe is planning a big lawsuit against Apple for keeping Flash off of the iPhone and iPad platforms. The final straw, apparently, was a change in Apple's SDK language prohibiting apps to be written with anything other...

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Adobe CS5 launched, wallets everywhere cry out as one and are silenced

As with earlier versions, CS5 will come in different flavors. For the print media designer, there's Adobe CS5 Design Premium (US$1,899, upgrades from $599), which includes new versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash Catalyst and Professional, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Acrobat 9 Pro, and Br...

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Virgin America dumps Flash over lack of iPhone support

As the smack down between Apple and Adobe continues, Virgin America has dumped Flash from its website because of the lack of iPhone support. Virgin's new website, which launched Monday, replaces Flash with HTML to give users the ability to check in via their iPhones in the future. Virgin plans on...

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Flash beta update, Perian gets a refresh

There were two minor video plug-in related updates last night. First Adobe released a new beta of their Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 (this on the heels of a set of security patches for the stable release version last week). Flash 10.1 is introducing a host of new features, but is primarily aimed at the ...

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Adobe pre-release of Flash Player 10.1 now available

Adobe's Flash Player has long been a notorious CPU hog on Macs. Every time I hear my wife's MacBook's fans going off like a cyclone on the other side of the living room, I know it's because she's playing Bejeweled Blitz or some other crazy Flash-based game that's pegging her poor machine's CPU to in...

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