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T-Mobile notes the "4" in iPhone 4 does not mean 4G

Nearly nine months after Apple's official announcement, T-Mobile finally points out to its customers that the "4" in iPhone 4 does not refer to 4G. T-Mobile's latest advertisement for its HSPA+ network takes a shot at both the Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4 with the two carriers illustrated as t...

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AT&T highlights $49 iPhone 3GS in new TV ad

AT&T is wielding a new weapon in its fight against Verizon Wireless: the iPhone 3GS. In the carrier's latest advertisement, the almost 20-month old handset and its $49 price tag is dangled in front of customers as a cheap alternative to the iPhone 4. Price-wise, the iPhone 3GS lets customers ju...

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Angry Birds ties into Super Bowl ad with secret level hint

During the Super Bowl game last night, you may have seen an ad for a soon-to-be-released animated feature called Rio. Cleverly tied into that advertisement was a way to get access to a secret level in that special app installed on just about every iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod touch in the universe: A...

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AT&T strikes back at Verizon with voice/data ad

Verizon may have their iPhone 4 coming on line in a matter of days, but AT&T isn't taking the assault on their market lightly. A new AT&T ad titled "Answer" shows a man working late and receiving a call from his wife on his iPhone 4. As she reminds him that it's their anniversary, he surfs ...

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New Apple iPhone ad brings AT&T and Verizon together

Love, peace and harmony. That's what Apple seems to be pushing in the latest iPhone advertisement to hit the airwaves. The ad, titled "Two is Better than One," shows a pair of iPhones performing side-by-side synchronized app usage. The action is backed by that beautiful piece of waltz music used to...

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iAd highlighted in new Apple video

Apple has updated its iAd advertising site with a show-reel showcasing some of the early advertisement adopters. Of course the best of the best have been selected, and all of the campaigns featured look great. We've only seen a few here at TUAW, like the Nissan Leaf ad at pictured at right, but thos...

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New iPhone 4 ad touts battery life

Apple has released another TV ad for the iPhone 4 in the U.S., this time bragging about its battery life. The ad begins by stating that the iPhone's lithium polymer battery lets users "work longer, play longer, laugh longer..." and so on while showing off features like email, gaming, video and so on...

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Verizon iPad TV ad is out

Last month Verizon Wireless stores began selling iPad/MiFi bundles. Now, the first television spot advertising that fact has debuted. It features a user in a small room with an iPad on his lap. He pulls a MiFi from his pocket, flicks it on and presto! The walls of the room disappear as "the world...

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Found footage: New ad declares that 'iPad is electric'

A new iPad ad hit the TV screens of America last night. The new ad, "Electric," shows Apple's tablet as being "cinematic", "elementary", "academic", "full-size", "presenting", "bought", "sold", "fantasy", and finally "electric." For the first time in the history of these ads, the piano riff is ...

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New iPhone 4 ad touts Retina Display

A new iPhone 4 ad has hit the airwaves. Rather than featuring FaceTime, which is now quickly making it into the mainstream on shows like Hawaii Five-O, the new ad focuses on the Retina Display. In the ad, the ability of the display to bring out the best of photos, movies, text, and games is ...

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iPhone 4.0 OS: Now with iAds

Today at the iPhone 4.0 preview event, Apple announced that one of the new features coming in 4.0 is the iAd network. According to Steve, an average iPhone user is on their phone using apps about half an hour a day. So at one ad every three minutes, that's 10 ads on each device each day, and with al...

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iPad the star of Modern Family

Warning: This post contains spoilers about the latest episode of Modern Family. You have been warned. One of my favorite TV shows, Modern Family, was all about the iPad tonight, just days before the big release. The main character, Phil Dunphy, is thrilled at the prospect of receiving an iPa...

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New iPhone ad: Family Travel

If you've been watching TV over the last few days (and who hasn't, with that USA / Canada hockey game and the tsunami coverage), you may have seen the latest in the series of iPhone ads. The ad, titled "Family Travel," features a voice-over by a Mom who gushes that "It's unbelievable how much ...

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Every "Get a Mac" ad in one place

It's hard to believe that Apple's "Get a Mac" ad campaign is already 4 years old. Since its introduction, the campaign has invited both parody and serious responses from competitors. Plus, poor* John Hodgman and Justin Long can't walk out the door without someone calling them either "Mac" or "PC." ...

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Andy Ihnatko on Verizon Droid "iDon't" ads: baloney (mostly)

Most American television viewers have been treated recently to endless reruns of Verizon's "iDon't" advertisements. These ads attack the iPhone, playing music that's similar to that played in iPhone ads while displaying a series of messages stating such brilliant and cutting phrases as "iDon't have ...

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