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WWDC '08: Agile Web Solutions (1Password)

Dave and Roustem from Agile Web Solutions, authors of the form-filling powerhouse known as 1Password, were happy to talk about WWDC, Mac development and the future of 1Password and its upcoming iPhone counterpart. We've taken quite a few notes as 1Password has developed, and while I love the iPhone ...

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1Password: same great taste, new price

Password concierge and form-filler extraordinaire 1Password was upped to version 2.5.12 today with more features, changes and fixes than we could possibly list. Of course, current bleeding-edge users probably noticed that 2.6 Beta 6 also came out today with its own improvements and fixes, including ...

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1Password update fixes 10.5.2 Safari problems

OS X 10.5.2 threw a few curve balls at developers, and many of them are doing an admirable job of catching them with updates so timely you might think they were prescient. 1Password developer Dave Teare ranks high on that list, having put out an update yesterday that rapidly fixed the Safari problem...

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1Password updated to 2.5.8

Today, Agile Web Solutions updated their password manager, 1Password. As many Mac users may already know, 1Password is an indispensable application for managing passwords and browser auto-fill for Mac OS X. Now that it has been updated to version 2.5.8, it boasts some new features along with bug fix...

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