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Redbox Instant now supports AirPlay streaming

Redbox fans will be happy to know that the company has released a new version of its universal Redbox Instant by Verizon app that supports AirPlay streaming. Redbox is among a long line of iOS apps and services that have embraced AirPlay streaming due to its popularity with users. There are a few...

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Auris Skye turns your old 30-pin speaker dock into an AirPlay speaker

As Apple devices rapidly migrate to Lightning cables, you may have a few 30-pin docks with speakers around. While you could use something like Airfoil Speakers (a great app, I might add) to push sound around, attaching a US$300-plus device to an old dock seems excessive. Enter the Auris Skye -- a ...

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Slingbox devices updated with support for AirPlay, Apple TV

Streaming-media Slingbox devices are going to be getting AirPlay support via the SlingPlayer Mobile app for iPhone and iPad. According to the company, the feature gives Apple TV customers the ability to watch their home TV on a second TV inside the home (without needing an additional set-top box) o...

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iOS 7 video tip: Where is Apple hiding AirPlay Mirroring?

While not everyone uses AirPlay Mirroring to display their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch screen on a TV through an Apple TV, that capability is surprisingly popular with those who need to teach or demonstrate iOS apps. In the iOS 6 days, you could get to AirPlay Mirroring by double-tapping the Home ...

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Netflix 5.0 for iOS adds AirPlay streaming and HD video for iOS 7

Netflix has released version 5.0 of its iOS app that adds some much-requested features... if you have iOS 7. The first feature is HD video. Customers can now watch HD video just like Android users have been doing for months. But the biggest new feature is AirPlay streaming. Now users don't have to ...

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Apple TV 6.0 update now available, adds iTunes Radio support, AirPlay from iCloud and more

It's been expected, but now an AppleTV update has arrived. The new 6.0 firmware adds support for iTunes Radio and purchases from the iTunes Music Store. In addition, updating adds podcast syncing, viewing of shared photo streams and AirPlay from iCloud. This update gets the AppleTV feature parity wi...

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bēm boom box: A Bluetooth-enabled update of the popular 80s noisemaker

Ahhh, the 70s and 80s ... Those were the days when the boombox was king. If you needed some tunes with you and wanted to share 'em with friends, you grabbed your heavy boombox by its chrome-plated handle, loaded about 20 "D" batteries into it for power, and headed out to the streets. Well, things ...

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Amazon Instant Video adds AirPlay support, IMDb integration

Amazon has released an update to its Amazon Instant Video app that adds a number of new features, most notably AirPlay support. Now users can stream content from their Amazon Instant Video app right to their Apple TV. AirPlay streaming had been one of the most-requested features for Amazon's on-dema...

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Update your music dock to WiFi with the Auris Skye Kickstarter project

Let's face it -- a lot of people bought docks back in the days of iPods and the first iPhones. Basically, it made it very easy for people to blast tunes out of an alarm clock or speaker by just plugging the device in, and the device received a charge in the process. Well, things are different thes...

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Spotify announces AirPlay-like Spotify Connect

Spotify has come a long way since it first sprouted up as an invite-only music-streaming service. Now that the company's quest for world domination is well on its way, Spotify has announced its latest expansion, Spotify Connect. Connect is a service that allows users to directly stream their musi...

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VEVO for iOS adds full AirPlay support

Popular music video app VEVO has been updated with full AirPlay streaming support. The music video-streaming app is extremely popular among teenagers and young adults as it features over 75,000 music videos by 21,000 artists. VEVO also offers live performances and original shows. The addition o...

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Adventures in Google Cast development: Day 1

Google's developer preview SDK for Google Cast -- the streaming technology that's powering the Chromecast hardware -- is up and running. It looks like adding Google Cast support will be ridiculously easy with little coding overhead for anyone who wants to jump on the bandwagon. Although the Chrom...

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Comparing Chromecast and AirPlay

Google this week introduced Chromecast, a US$35 dongle that lets users wirelessly access a humble array of entertainment options on their HDTV. Google writes: With Chromecast, you can easily enjoy your favorite online entertainment on your HDTV-movies, TV shows, music, and more from Netflix, YouT...

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Why Chromecast may be cool after all

Today, in the TUAW backchannels, we've been discussing Chromecast, Google's sub-$40 streaming dongle for television sets. I like the idea and will probably buy one. If I'm understanding the early publicity correctly, Google has two really strong use cases, but I don't think it's any kind of "compe...

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Cambridge Audio Minx Go, Minx Air 100 wireless speakers

Cambridge Audio is a name that's associated with great sound quality, and recently the company has taken its expertise in sound reproduction and applied it to creating some of the best wireless speakers for use with our iOS devices. The Minx Go (US$149.00) is a portable Bluetooth speaker that take...

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