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AirPrint Hacktivator enables AirPrint for any printer

You've updated your iPad and iPhone to iOS 4.2, and you want to print something, ... anything, but that printer hooked up to your Mac doesn't show up in the list of available devices. What can you do to make your iOS user experience complete? As Mike noted in his AirPrint roundup last week, Netputin...

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AirPrint for less: Deals on HP printers for Cyber Monday

Given the options for getting AirPrint working with your existing gear, it's probably not necessary to run out and get a brand-new printer just to enable output from your iOS 4.2-enabled iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. If you actually need a new printer, however, it's worth considering whether one of HP...

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Rumor: iBooks update to bring Collections, PDF emailing and printing

Update: So much for rumors. Readers have let us know about two German websites pointing to explicit discussion of iBooks collections in the iOS 4.2 documentation, of all places. We can expect to see collection support in the next version of the iBooks app, which can be updated independently of the ...

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Hands on: iPad printing with 4.2 and AirPrint, a limited menu

If AirPlay's first-generation limitations have disappointed a lot of would-be iPhone video mavens who had dreamed of quickly sharing their clips to the big screen, you can just imagine how irate everyone is about AirPrint. The universal shared printer solution for iPhone and iPad was kneecapped in l...

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iPhone dock/photo printer combo may be too much, too late

Contrary to some rumors, Apple users are pretty close to having the ability to print to anywhere via their iOS devices with Air Print. But if you happened to be in the market for an iPhone-specific printer dock today, you can stop looking. The Bolle BP-10, which can charge your iPhone (all versions...

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AirPrint on steroids: first look at Printopia, bringing shared printer support for iPad

When Apple removed AirPrint shared printer support from Mac OS X 10.6.5, it created a functionality gap that developers moved quickly to fill. Yesterday, TUAW took a first look at FingerPrint, an AirPrint solution that enables iDevice printing to many Mac OS X shared printers. Today, we have an exc...

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Hands on: FingerPrint enables AirPrint for many non-compliant OS X printers

FingerPrint is a new Mac OS X application from Collobos Software that enables AirPrint printing for many OS X printers. AirPrint is Apple's new wireless printing technology for iOS devices. It works over Bonjour, Apple's version of zero configuration networking, allowing devices and services to com...

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How-To: Create PDFs from your iOS device

AirPrint may not be officially implemented in Mac OS X yet, but the feature remains present in the latest iOS 4.2 GM available to developers. For those who do have iOS 4.2 GM installed on their iDevices and are hoping to enable AirPrint, we've got a handy guide for you. Or you can also can use the A...

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AirPrint: how to make it work for shared printers

Update: The clever fellows over at Netputing bundled the files together with a snazzy install/uninstall button to produce AirPrint Hactivator, which takes care of all the under the hood business for you. The same caveats apply: remember that you are installing obsolete/beta system files, use at your...

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Steve Jobs: AirPrint support for Mac and PCs not canceled

We reported earlier on a rumor suggesting that new iOS 4.2 AirPrint feature that allowed users to print wirelessly to any printer connected to a PC or Mac had been canceled. Because of the rumor, a frustrated MacRumors reader emailed Steve Jobs and suggested that Apple could begin to lose credibilit...

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Rumor: AirPrint support for Mac and PCs canceled

Some things, as the saying goes, are not meant to last. Apparently, that is the case with the new AirPrint feature in the upcoming iOS 4.2 for the iPad that was set to allow users to print wirelessly to any printer connected to their Mac or PC. I say "was" because it is becoming increasingly appa...

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OS X 10.6.5 release expected this week

Sources internal to Apple have informed 9to5Mac that OS X 10.6.5 has been finalized and circulated within the company. 9to5Mac also notes that such pre-release updates "usually come in one to a few days prior to public launch." 10.6.5 is required for most AirPrint functionality in iOS 4.2. Since iOS...

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iOS 4.2 Gold Master release seeded to developers

The day all iPad users have been waiting for is just about upon us; iOS 4.2 has finally gone Gold Master. Apple is giving developers the go-ahead to download what will likely be the final release version of its latest mobile operating system and SDK. While all but the first generation iPhones and i...

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HP reveals AirPrint-friendly printers

When iOS 4.2 makes it to the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch in November, we'll finally be able to print from those devices with a native Apple capability called AirPrint. In most cases, you'll need to have a printer that has been shared on a Mac or PC, since AirPrint won't have drivers available for ...

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What's new (and gorgeous) in iOS 4.2 beta

If you're as excited as I am about the iOS 4.2 beta being released, you probably spent the majority of Wednesday paging through all of the tech blogs and/or neglecting your responsibilities as an adult. For those of you who aren't able to experience Apple's latest firmware until November, I've roun...

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