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The elephant in the room: Apple pulls a Microsoft, delays Leopard past original promise

The first bell that rung in my ear when Steve announced Mac OS X 10.5's ship date of Spring 2007 was: "Apple just pulled a Microsoft". I know, I know: those words might be nails on the chalkboard in your head, but it's true. Leopard was originally promised for Fall 2006, and now it's been bumped bac...

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iCalFix: automatically add reminders to iCal events

We've blogged iCalFix before, back when it was just a fledgling 0.1 release that didn't even have a GUI interface (you had to edit a pref file lying around in ~/Library). For those who don't remember: it's a simple iCal plugin that automatically adds a reminder to every event you create. In this la...

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Hack iCal to present alarms through Growl

If you're a Growl fanatic, or maybe iCal's alarms just aren't cutting it for you, a forum thread at cocoaforge might provide you with some options for getting iCal and Growl to shake hands. Discussion has included various methods of using AppleScript, hacking the innards of iCal and even replacing t...

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Gmail-Growl Utility 1.7

The Gmail-Growl Utility that adds some seriously handy features to Google's official Gmail Notifier has been updated with a functionality face-lift and some fixes. It now has an option to toggle on/off Growl notifications for those times when you just need silence, and in Mac OS X Tiger you can now ...

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iAlertU demo

I had my doubts about iAlertU, but I am big enough to admit that I was wrong (though I waited a few days just to be sure). iAlertU does, in fact, work and there is a free beta so you can protect your MacBook Pro. The developer is hard at work on another version of the software, so be sure to keep yo...

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Widget watch: Reminder

For all those times when adding a quick reminder to iCal is too cumbersome, or you might not be online so the Backpack widget can do its thing, the Reminder widget might be right up your alley. As you can see, the widget has a simple interface allowing you to add some type of a reminder name/message...

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