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CoverSutra - a customizable iTunes controller with style

These days, there is absolutely no shortage of apps that let you control iTunes in one way or another. You can use your PSP, tiny menubar controllers, countless iTunes widgets and now - CoverSutra. Featuring a stylish bezel with loads of control feedback and album art display, CoverSutra aims to g...

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Rumor: iTunes Store could get flexible album pricing

Certainly one of the drawbacks to buying music on the iTS is the single vs. album purchase: sure you can buy a song or two from an album, or maybe the hot pre-release single, but what happens if you want the rest of the album later, or when it's completely released? This has been a catch with tradit...

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Columbia Records & Apple offer exclusive pre-order of Bob Dylan's new album, ticket promo

I guess the times certainly are a changin', as the man Bob Dylan himself has hopped on board with Apple and the iTunes Music Store to offer an exclusive pre-order ($13.99) of his upcoming new album, Modern Times, which lands on August 29th. Ticketmaster has even tossed their hat in, just like with t...

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On improving the iPod's aging UI and experience

The iPod is the 800-pound gorilla of the DAP industry - there's no doubt about it (well, almost). In its 4+ years of existence, the player has quickly won owner's hearts because of its ease of use and seamless iTunes management experience, amongst other reasons. I personally have owned one of every ...

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Widget Watch: Check new releases by artists in your iTunes library with newTunes

Tired of browsing the (often late) New Release emails from the iTMS to find out whether an artist you actually care about has released a new album? Sick of adding an 'Artist Alert' for each of the hundreds of artists cataloged in your vast library? Well pound those keys no more, frustrated iTMS sho...

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Widget Watch: iPhoto mini 1.3 gains a new UI, more

We blogged the iPhoto mini widget back in December, and since then it has received quite the feature update and face lift. The widget is now resize-able and just plain sexier. In addition to being able to browse all your iPhoto albums complete with image counts, you can now set the current image as ...

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Review: iWeb's enhancements are exactly what it needed

In the most recent iLife '06 software update that Damien mentioned, iWeb understandably received the largest bump of new features and bug fixes; after all, it is the latest to arrive at the iLife party. Considering that I've been pretty vocal about my gripes with this otherwise fantastic addition to...

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Chili Pepper listening parties to be held at Apple Stores

It's great to see that when the Peppers (finally) decide to commit to something, they really dive in: iLounge is reporting that on May 2nd at 6:30 pm local time, Apple Stores in the U.S., Canada and UK will hold listening parties for the band's new album, Stadium Arcadium, set to land on May 9th. Th...

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Remove and restore iPod album art

If, for one reason or another, you're interested in stripping all the album art from every track on your iPod, I've found an applescript over at Doug's Applescripts for iTunes that's right up your alley. While you might be able to spend a bit more time to complete this same process manually, you'll ...

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