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iPhone 5 supply still stretched

To those of us who are waiting ... patiently, I might add ... for our iPhone 5s to ship from Apple, it's obvious that the supply of the newest iPhone is constrained. John Paczkowski at AllThingsD reports that many Apple Stores are reporting low inventory of the iPhone 5, and that the online sto...

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Judge Lucy Koh prompts Apple, Samsung CEOs to meet again

Ina Fried has been covering the Apple-Samsung patent trial for AllThingsD, and this morning she reported that Judge Lucy Koh has asked Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung executives Choi Gee-sung and Shin Jong-kyn to meet in an effort to strike a deal before the trial goes to jury. Koh is quoted as s...

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Sprint: iPhone worth the huge financial commitment

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse told Ina Fried of AllthingsD and other reporters who are touring Sprint's headquarters in Kansas that the iPhone is worth the billions that the carrier is spending on the device. According to Hesse, Sprint considered Apple's offer and "saw no reason to bet against Apple."...

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IDC: Apple tops in mobile revenue, operating profits

AllThingsD's John Paczkowski, reporting on some of the numbers released by IDC last week, notes that although Samsung shipped almost double the number of smartphones that Apple did, it makes absolutely no difference because Apple "far outshines its rivals in both revenue and operating profits."...

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Apple's components spending increasing dramatically

Statements made by Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer during the recent 3Q 2012 earnings call are beginning to make sense in light of news from AllThingsD's John Paczkowski that shows that Apple's prepayments for inventory components are ramping up in a big way. The Apple executive...

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MacBook refresh giving overall Mac sales a boost

The new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models that appeared on June 11, 2012 helped overall Mac sales during the remainder of the month, according to NPD sales data reported by John Paczkowski at AllThingsD. During the month of June, Mac sales grew 1 percent year over year. While that doesn't so...

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WWDC 2012 by the numbers

AllThingsD has a nice breakdown of the numbers presented at Monday's WWDC 2012 keynote. Besides the iTunes sales figures we covered yesterday, AllThingsD also parsed out the smaller figures that were weaved into the different sections of the keynote. This often-overlooked trivia includes tidbit...

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Complete video of Tim Cook's AllThingsD appearance now available

As a warm up to WWDC, AllThingsD released an interview with Tim Cook that was recorded during the recent D10 conference. The casual talk with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher covers everything from Apple's relationship with Facebook to the challenges the company faces in China. Though its been ...

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Pixar president Dr. Ed Catmull, Oracle's Larry Ellison discuss Steve Jobs

Over the years, Steve Jobs was a big part of the annual D:All Things Digital conference and his presence at the recent D10 was sorely missed. In one long sit-down session, both Pixar President Dr. Ed Catmull and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison talk candidly about their interactions with Jobs and his i...

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AllThingsD posts video highlights of Tim Cook's conversation

Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher interviewed Tim Cook during the opening event for its D10 Conference which is in full swing this week. Besides archiving the live blog, AllThingsD also posted several video highlights from the talk. There's one 16-minute clip and several short clips that present t...

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AllThingsD releases all its D Conference interviews with Steve Jobs

Some of Steve Jobs most memorable clips come from the times he has appeared on stage with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher as part of their annual D: All Things Digital Conference. To honor Jobs's memory, AllThingsD has released all its recorded interviews with Steve Jobs. The six clips span the ...

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TUAW TV Live: Cookin' with Steve and Megs

No, we're not going to go all Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis on you. Instead, we're going to be talking about Mr. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple and the honored guest at the opening of the DX Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California last night. There's all sorts of blather being read into what...

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TUAW TV Live: Tim Cook recap with Steve and Megan

Although today seems like Tuesday, it's actually Wednesday, so it's time again for TUAW TV Live. Today my guest on the show is TUAW blogger and editor Megan Lavey-Heaton, who is joining me for an hour chatting about Apple CEO Tim Cook's visit to the D Conference last night. While some in the ...

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AllThingsD, Macworld recap Tim Cook at D10

If you missed the D10 interview with Tim Cook on Tuesday night, then you should check out the roundup from AllThingsD. The lengthy post, which is an archive of the live blog, is filled with quotes and high-quality pictures from the event. You can also head over to Macworld which has an informat...

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Tim Cook's D10 conference keynote won't be streamed live

Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to kick off AllThingsD'S D10 conference tonight at 6 pm PT and only a select few are being invited to view the opening keynote. According to a Fortune 2.0 report, 500 attendees are invited to attend the keynote, which won't be streamed live. Apple fans who want t...

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