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Apples and Oranges: Amazon moves into the Apple TV space

Those of us who have been waiting for an Amazon Prime channel to finally show up on their Apple TV now have an explanation as to why it never arrived. Today Amazon introduced FireTV (US $99), an Amazon set-top box that seems perfectly situated to compete with Apple TV. Amazon cited a 350% growth...

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Spotify's facelift and more news for April 2, 2014

Spotify has updated its iOS app with some keen new features, including a reworked browse function and playlist features. It also sports a "darker theme," which I hoped would mean it's edgy and brooding but no ... they've just used dark colors. Objective Development has teased LaunchBar 6 and is...

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Is Tim Cook "blowing it" by not acquiring more companies?

Earlier this week, I stumbled across a rather absurd article parroting a common refrain heard about Apple, namely that they need to take a page out of the playbooks of their less-successful competitors and start making headlines. Writing for BusinessInsider, Jay Yarow argues that Apple is just...

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A year with FreedomPop: how did it go?

About a year ago, I wrote about FreedomPop's new data service and shortly thereafter signed up for an account. I opted into the Free 500 MB plan, which offers half a gig of data per month, with additional data available at US$20/gigabyte billed in $2 increments. To get that free data, you had to...

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DevJuice: A quick review of Effective Objective-C 2.0 by Matt Galloway

London-based Matt Galloway, a regular presence on Stack Overflow, has published Effective Objective-C 2.0. A collection of 52 "specific ways" to improve your coding for Mac and iOS, this book provides a valuable collection of handy state-of-the-art tips that will appeal to all developers both...

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Afternoon News Roundup - the January 6 ice-cold edition

With many parts of the US experiencing record-breaking ice-cold temperatures today (the high in Chicago today is minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit for those keeping score at home), here are some afternoon Apple news items to help keep you warm, or at the very least, distract you from the biting...

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Friday Favorite: Handbrake bridges the gap between DVDs and my iPad

Fact: It is often ridiculously cheaper to buy physical DVDs off Amazon than to purchase the same material in an existing digital format from your vendor of choice, like iTunes. Case in point, a friend of mine and I recently started watching Conviction, a one-season series that broadcast a few...

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Amazon Cloud Drive Photos gains video, iPad support

In the never-ending battle of the cloud-storage wars, Amazon has updated its Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app to version 2.0, which lets you store videos from your iOS device to your Amazon Cloud Drive. As TechCrunch notes, the Android version has done this for more than a year. Why it took that long...

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Amazon mocks Jony Ive, iPad Air in new Kindle Fire HDX ad

Amazon has released a new commercial in which it subtly mocks Jony Ive while comparing the new iPad Air with the new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch tablet. The commercial features two voice actors, one with a British accent talking about the "magical" iPad Air, and the other with an American accent...

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Amazon Cloud Player for Mac: An alternative to iTunes

Amazon today announced the availability of Amazon Cloud Player for Mac (free), providing an alternative way for Mac users to browse, buy, play and manage music on their computers. Amazon previously released the app for iOS devices, also as a free download. The app has a number of features that may...

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Amazon takes a dig at iPad Air with Kindle Fire HDX ad

Apple is no stranger to its competitors taking shots at its work. Some of them are downright hilarious. But at least they're usually fair comparisons. Amazon took yesterday's announcement of the iPad Air as an opportunity to subtly dig at Apple and promote its Kindle Fire HDX tablet. You can see...

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Dollar Store Accessories: USB car charger

For a dollar, this USB car charger is quite adorable. Rated at 1 amp and surprisingly well built, I could find nothing to fault with this unit except that I bought it at the Dollar Store. Let me back up for a second here. Almost none of the other US$1 accessories I have purchased to date have an...

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Amazon Instant Video adds AirPlay support, IMDb integration

Amazon has released an update to its Amazon Instant Video app that adds a number of new features, most notably AirPlay support. Now users can stream content from their Amazon Instant Video app right to their Apple TV. AirPlay streaming had been one of the most-requested features for Amazon's...

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Amazon warns users to update iOS Kindle app before installing iOS 7

Readers of Kindle books, take note: Amazon has issued a critical update to its Kindle app on iOS, warning users to install the latest update before upgrading to iOS 7 or risk losing their Kindle libraries. The company pushed out the Kindle 3.9.2 update last night to the App Store. In the app's...

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Dollar Store Accessories: Velcro cable zips

My Dollar Store regularly sells Velcro cable zips, offering between five and 10 for a dollar. Sometimes they're black (as shown here); other times they're rainbow-colored. The Dollar Store version was my gateway drug. When I discovered I could buy the same zips in bulk over at Amazon (100 ties for...

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