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Both US presidential candidates pushing iPhone apps

It's an election year, iOS devices are almost everywhere, and that's why both US Presidential candidates this year are already pushing iPhone apps. Governor Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, has released an app called Mitt's VP -- he plans to announce his choice for Vice Presiden...

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Fourth of July sales begin on the App Store

As you might have expected, the sales that seem to pop up around any holiday are showing up this week on Apple's App Store, too. Here's a sampler of what's out there already (all prices are USD): Edovia's Screens VNC app, for remote control of your Mac, is 50% off in both Mac and iOS's App...

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Stats of the Union brings American demographic data to the iPad

If you have an interest in American demographics and statistics, you need to check out the Stats of the Union iPad app. Statistics are only useful when you have a clear way of organizing and viewing the data. Without being able to do that, you can't glean any useful information from the numbers...

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