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Tag: analysis

App Store's revenue grew 15% between February and July

The analytics wizards at Distimo have released their July report on mobile trends, this time comparing the top apps for the App Store, Google Play and Amazon's Appstore for Android. Tucked away in their findings, however, is an interesting look at how Apple's App Store for iOS has grown in the las...

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WWDC Redux: Don't Worry, Be Happy

Let's say you go to a restaurant almost every day for years. It's your favorite restaurant, and you've practically memorized the menu. The staff knows you, your favorite dishes and you know a little about the chef. Then one day you walk in and everything has changed. The menu looks weird, there'...

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Reality Absorption Field: iPod's trail of tears, part 2

The last Reality Absorption Field discussed how most of the big names in the PC industry tried to take on the iPod and the fates of their eventual efforts. This week's column will look at PC peripherals companies and how the consumer electronics giants reacted, while next week's final installment ...

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The Loop's Jim Dalrymple takes on WWDC 2013 expectations

When he's not hanging around with rock stars (like Guns 'n Roses guitarist Slash, at left above) or controlling the Northern Hemisphere's supply of Heineken, Jim Dalrymple (right) is talking about Apple and those other things at The Loop. Jim's been an industry insider for quite some time, so when...

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IDC: Tablets to outsell notebooks in 2013, all PCs in 2015

Well, that certainly didn't take long. The modern tablet, introduced by Apple with the first iPad in 2010, is completely changing the market for computing devices. IDC today released projections showing that tablet shipments will beat those of notebook computers this year, and that by 2015 more ta...

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Reality Absorption Field: iPod's trail of tears, part 1

The recent celebration of iTunes tenth anniversary provided an opportunity to remember that it debuted before the iPod and was initially positioned as a way to get Macs to play well with the CD burners that had come to the iMac as well as to early MP3 players from rivals. Before and (mostly) after...

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Reality Absorption Field: Making the top choice

Among Apple competitors, it's become fashionable to pay the company a backhanded compliment regarding iOS. Yes, the patter typically goes, Apple created a breakthrough platform back in 2007. However, the paradigm has now shifted to... something. In the case of BlackBerry, that something is a sm...

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Reality Absorption Field: Apple's best product revision

Have you heard the news? There's this pretty successful Apple product -- starts with an "iP," ends with a "d" and has a vowel in the middle. And its average prices have dropped. Apple is (cue ominous music) doomed (cue evil cackle). Doomed, I say, repeating myself loudly so as to be heard above...

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What Starfish can learn from its failed Macworld appearance

If you haven't read it yet, please check out Lex Friedman's account on Macworld's site of his attempts to view the Starfish smartwatch prototype. Lex does an amazing job summarizing how the company stumbled and stumbled again in its attempts to show the Mac community its competitor to the Pebbl...

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Reality Absorption Field: Forms without Apple function

The last Reality Absorption Field discussed how CES is relevant to Apple -- mostly through major standards milestones -- even though the company doesn't attend the annual confabulation. But CES can also be seen as a mirror that is held up to the world of device makers, even those that don't att...

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Reality Absorption Field: What happens in Vegas

A few years ago, a senior Apple executive was once told that, even though Apple did not exhibit at the annual Las Vegas spectacle that is the International Consumer Electronics Show, its presence seemed to linger in the arid air and in the clouded minds of many attendees. "We love that," he rep...

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Point-Counterpoint: The 'cheap iPhone'

The "Apple will make a low-cost iPhone" rumor is turning into one of the leading tech industry memes of 2013. Just like the "Apple will make an HDTV" and "Apple will introduce a streaming music service" rumors, the "low-cost iPhone" rumor isn't exactly new; there have been rumors of an "iPhone ...

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Reality Absorption Field: A slow rise to the Surface

After all the teasing and secrecy and controversy around its launch, the recent announcement by Steve Ballmer that Surface with Windows RT (the only chip-defined flavor of Microsoft's debut branded tablet that's currently shipping) was off to a "modest" start might have seemed like a shocking a...

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Reality Absorption Field: Sizing up the iPad mini

Welcome to Reality Absorption Field, a new bimonthly column where veteran industry analyst and occasional TUAW TalkCast contributor Ross Rubin will discuss industry developments and how they relate to Apple. On October 23rd, following presentation of slimmed-down Macs and a beefed-up iPad, Ap...

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Does it matter if the iPad mini cannibalizes iPad sales?

On October 23rd, Apple introduced its fourth-generation iPad, the iPad mini and a slew of Mac refreshes. Somewhat lost in the reaction to those launches and refreshes was what I think is the most interesting story of all: the iPad 2, and how competitive it has been in this market. Today, a bit ...

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