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Android apps more expensive on average than iPhone counterparts

As an unabashed iPhone fan, I often ask owners of Android smartphones why they chose their phone over an iPhone. Answers have included "I like larger screens and styluses" (from a Samsung Galaxy Note owner), "There are more choices," and the ever-popular "iPhone apps are so expensive!" Well, a Cana...

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Flawed study decides iPhone is for games, Android for apps

Trumpeting in its headline that "iPhone is for games, Android is for apps," Xyologic has managed to pull a singular feat: it's undermined 5/8 of its own name with the analysis that follows. Xyologic compares the entire US Android Market against just the free iPhone offerings in the App Store,...

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When it comes to launching your app, Sunday is tops

If you're a developer, your app is more likely to be successful if you launch it on a Sunday. That's according to a 17-week analysis by mobile analytics firm Mobilewalla. The company looked at the apps released on a daily basis in Apple's App Store and Android's Market from May 16 to September ...

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Report indicates iOS users stick with platform due to 'lock-in effect'

Citing a report from research2guidance, GigaOM notes that Apple's market share of app downloads reversed the backward slide that began in 2009 and recently increased by 2 percent. This is a far cry from the doom n' gloom predictions many pundits have been espousing for Apple's platform, and it sh...

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Android Market could surpass App Store in size this year, research suggests

According to German research group research2guidance, The Android Marketplace could surpass Apple's App Store in size this year. As TechCrunch points out, another analytics company, Distimo, paints a similar picture. The research groups assume that the current growth rates of both markets remain t...

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