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When Google engineers first learned about the iPhone: 'What we had suddenly looked just so . . . nineties'

The iPhone turned the tech world on its head and ushered in the modern era of the smartphone. In unveiling the iPhone, Apple not only captured the attention of the masses, but also delivered a huge kick in the arse to competitors who quickly realized that their current product roadmaps were...

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It's official: iOS 7 dominated 2013

We've been scanning the iOS version distribution data from Chitika since iOS 7 first launched in September, watching with amazement as the latest mobile operating system from Apple quickly pulled down almost 50 percent adoption within a month of release. Now Chitika has released findings for the...

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Apple's US smartphone share climbs to 40.6%

Apple's share of the US smartphone market climbed from July to October of this year, but only by a small margin, according to new data from comScore. The newest report showed a 0.2 percentage point increase for Apple, moving from 40.4 percent to 40.6 percent, and the company remains the top...

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When it comes to supporting older devices, iOS outshines Android by a mile

The iOS/Android debate often devolves into a basic analysis of market share. This makes sense given that market share analytics provide a simple and easy-to-digest manner with which to compare the two competing platforms. But market share only tells one part of the story. In detailing the strength...

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AllCast app allows Android users to stream video to Apple TV

A new app for Android allows users to stream video content from their Android devices to Apple TV. The app, called AllCast, was created by ClockworkMod dev Koushik Dutta and is currently in beta. Once AllCast is installed on your Android device, simply go to the cast button in a video and select...

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Eric Schmidt posts guide on switching from iPhone to Android

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has posted an iPhone-to-Android switcher's guide on his Google+ page. The guide seems to be written at the most basic level of smartphone comprehension and contains some rather dubious doozies, like the suggestion that Android phones "...have a much more intuitive...

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Android to iPhone trend accelerating

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) released new data highlighting, among other things, that an increasing number of Android users are making the leap to the iPhone. AppleInsider was able to access the entirety of the report and relayed a few of the more notable details. Specifically,...

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Thoughts on the Google Nexus 7 from the perspective of a longtime iOS user [updated]

I bought my first iPhone in 2008 and my first iPad in 2010, and I've upgraded both devices several times since then. Over the last five years, iOS has easily been my second-most used operating system by hours of usage after Windows (which I have to use for my day job as a Java developer). I've...

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Apple-backed consortium sues Google, Samsung and others over Nortel patents

In late June of 2011, Apple was part of a consortium of tech companies that banded together to purchase more than 6,000 Nortel patents. The winning bid checked in at US$4.5 billion and came from a group that included Apple, EMC, Ericcson, Microsoft, RIM and Sony. Together, Apple and co. were...

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Reality Absorption Field: The Crusaders

Is technology made to serve consumers, companies or causes? When Apple introduced the Macintosh, it famously invoked Orwell's vision of 1984 to promote how its little beige box would stand in the way of IBM's hegemony. In the coming years and for reasons that had little to do with the Mac, IBM...

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iOS 7 wins mobile OS user experience shootout

Pfeiffer Consulting recently put iOS 7 through its paces, comparing it to a number of other mobile OSes to gauge which OS has a step up on the competition when it comes to the user experience. The operating systems involved in the study included iOS 7, iOS 6, Android, Windows Phone 8 and...

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Eric Schmidt calls Android more secure than the iPhone, elicits laughter from crowd of CIOs and IT execs

There's no denying that Eric Schmidt is an incredibly intelligent guy, but the former Google CEO certainly has a penchant for making rather bold and arguably laughable claims. Recall that, in late 2011, he confidently predicted that mobile developers, in just six months' time mind you, would...

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Smart Converter provides free media format conversion for OS X

Smart Converter (free) provides a way to drag, drop and convert a wide range of media from one format to another. You drop a file, choose an output format and click to convert to popular device formats from iOS and Apple TV to Sony, Samsung, Android and more. The price is, of course, right for...

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In contrast to Android OEMs, Apple and Motorola don't fudge their benchmarking results

While reviewing Samsung's Galaxy Note 3, reviewers at Ars Technica discovered that the device is configured to artificially inflate benchmark results. We noticed an odd thing while testing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3: it scores really, really well in benchmark tests -- puzzlingly well, in fact. A...

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EverDock Kickstarter universal dock blasts by funding goal, looks great

With rare exceptions, I prefer not to write about Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects until there's a good possibility that the project will be funded. In the case of a new, truly universal dock created by Utah-based FŪZdesigns called the EverDock, the project is not only well past its funding...

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