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Tag: animation

TUAW and MacTech interview: Tumult

Tumult is a timeline-based tool for creating HTML 5 animation on your Mac. Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine) interviews Jonathan Deutsch of Tumult at WWDC 2012. Jonathan was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect their...

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Daily iPhone App: The Act combines great cartoon art with iOS gameplay

The Act is, I will say, probably one of the most interesting experiments I've ever seen show up on the App Store. I don't know if it's entirely successful, but even at the current price of $2.99, I can wholeheartedly recommend it. It does some very interesting things with interactive...

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Anime Studio 8.1 is great animation software for beginners

At Macworld | iWorld 2012, I had the chance to sit down with the folks behind Smith Micro's Anime Studio and discuss the latest update to its Anime Studio animation suite. Anime Studio 8.1 allows support for Wacom multi-touch tablets, the first of its kind for a piece of animation software....

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Daily iPad App: Cocoons and Caterpillars is an animated storybook starring Stella and Sam

As you can tell from my earlier posts, I often hand over my iPad to my children for learning apps and sometimes entertainment. One app that is both educational and enjoyable is Cocoons and Caterpillars: A Stella and Sam Adventure by zinc Roe. The iPad app is one in a series of apps that feature...

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Macworld|iWorld's South Park talk

On the first day of Macworld|iWorld, one of the talks on the main stage was by three people who help bring the animated series South Park to life each week: David Lenna (CTO), Ryan Quincy (Animation Producer), and Eric Stough (Animation Director and Producer). It was an interview-format talk, with...

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An animated history of the iPhone

CNET UK's Drew Stearne created the video below, a dynamic animation that shows the history of the iPhone. It shows quite clearly how the iPhone came about not as something fully formed from the void but as a consolidation and refinement of existing technologies, many of which have been around...

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Music video created with iPad Brushes app

This video for the song named "Undivided" by the band Blush is intriguing. First of all, because it's a pretty solid pop song (with, as far as I can tell, a rare safe-for-work appearance by Snoop Dogg himself). Second, because the simple but beautiful animation was entirely created by animator...

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Mac 101: Using Keynote as Motion in a bind (Updated)

Update: notes that it's easy to export your Keynote animations with an alpha channel, making it much simpler to work with them in pro editing apps or in Motion. On this trip to WWDC I packed light. One backpack, a MacBook Air and a camera light. I haven't had my Air for very...

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Hype 1.0 allows you to create slick, animated websites in HTML5

If you've wanted to create a simple but attractive site with some animation but didn't want to go through the hassle of using Flash (not to mention the cost), check out Hype on the Mac App Store. Hype uses a simple timeline metaphor to allow you to place images, text, shapes and more into pages...

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Stop-motion iPad also magical, revolutionary

The magical, revolutionary iPad is not just in and of itself magical and revolutionary, of course; it also inspires people to be magical and revolutionary, as in this marvellous stop-motion video of a plasticine iPad produced by 26-year-old Ukrainian Svetlana Shokhanova. It was made for the...

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iStopMotion adds tilt-shift effect to animation tool

For hobbyists and weekend filmmakers, playing around with stop motion and timelapse image capture is an enticing way to create memorable movies. On the Mac, the most user-friendly and accessible app for these projects is iStopMotion from Boinx. Starting at US$49 for the basic Home version,...

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ScreenSteps 2.8.7, documentation gets social

ScreenSteps, an app for creating screen-based documentation and a TUAW favorite, has just released a pretty big update and a brand-new social document service called The desktop update includes, among other improvements, a totally-rewritten screen capture tool that makes the...

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CSS motion magic with Sencha Animator preview

We've seen some cool tricks done with CSS3 in recent months. From iOS icons made in pure CSS to the OS X Dock animation that Sam mentioned this week, people are embracing the possibilities. It is, however, only a certain breed of developer that has the mindset and the patience to build these kinds...

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Light painting in stop motion with the iPad

This is about the coolest thing done with an iPad since, well, the iPad itself was created. A firm named Dentsu London has used an iPad to create a series of stop motion shots assembled from sequential long exposure light paintings. They created a set of 3D graphics and then programmed the iPad to...

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Darth Steve deploys the RDF in latest Taiwainese news animation

This cinematic masterpiece is well beyond any comment or explanation we can provide, but I'll try. 3D animated re-enactments of the news are popular in Taiwan, and several top stories from the past few months have broken out as viral videos. In this case, the animators decided to give visual...

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