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Steve reportedly worked on Apple's next product until his last day

A new interview with the CEO of Softbank, Masayoshi Son, seems to indicate that Steve Jobs did indeed work on Apple products right up until his last day of life. While talking to the US Ambassador to Japan, Son said that during a meeting on the day of the iPhone 4S announcement, he was speaking...

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Rumor: App rentals coming to iOS?

TheTechErra went searching through the code in iTunes 10.5 beta 9, and found an interesting series of strings hinting that Apple is about to allow "rental" of iOS apps. The functionality is referred to as "renting," but it sounds much more like an official implementation of app "trials" that lo...

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Tim Cook's "time to shine" with new iPhone announcement

Tomorrow is a big day for Apple fans around the world, it's also a big day for Apple CEO Tim Cook. Cook is expected to introduce the next generation iPhone. Apple's first high-profile announcement since WWDC and Cook's first as CEO. Cook is highly regarded as an expert in operations and supply ...

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Rumor: GameStop to carry iOS devices, new and used

This is intriguing: 9to5Mac is claiming that they've heard from multiple sources that GameStop will be carrying iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, in the very near future. The announcement was supposedly made last week to the various store managers at their annual gatherin...

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Unofficial videos of Final Cut Pro X arrive online

A couple of videos from the announcement of Final Cut Pro X last night have leaked out online, and you can watch them on the next page for as long as they stick around, though I'm not sure who would have the claim on these. As you would expect, the announcement shows off all the new features of...

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Apple iPad announced one year ago today

We couldn't let the day pass without mentioning the iPad and the first anniversary of its announcement. On this day one year ago, the world sat on the edge of their seat waiting for Steve Jobs to confirm the tablet we all knew was coming. Ironically, Engadget scored a picture of the device hours bef...

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Apple support forums inadvertently leak 10/20 product announcements

All props to Polish blog this morning, as they did a bit of sneaky digging into Apple's support forums to turn up compelling evidence of some of the products we expect to see later today. Knowing that when the forum administrators create new support categories the forum URLs get sequen...

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A less-than-graceful keynote

We've seen the keynote in 60 seconds, and we've seen the "only the adjectives" 'approach before. Here's a slightly less complimentary way to show off the keynote, though, with all of the "ums," "aahs," and other interjections that popped up during the iPhone OS 4.0 keynote a while back. Far be...

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Apple's temptation to overuse iAds

Dave Johnson over at Bnet has written up an interesting post about iAds; he says that Apple's new advertising program is reason enough to ditch your iPhone. Why? Because even Apple, he hints, isn't big enough to stay away from the billions of dollars that it will probably end up bringing in with iAd...

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iPad game announcements out early and often

The trickle of iPad games released last week has now become a flood of iPad software news. Everybody is climbing over themselves to get the word out there about launch titles. Mobile Entertainment has what's probably the biggest news: another new swarm of titles has been found in the App Store's da...

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All of the news from today's iPad announcement

What a day it's been. The tablet is finally out. That's right, the tablet we've been waiting years for is real and will be on sale soon, only it's called the iPad, and it's pretty similar to the iPhone. Just in case you missed something today, here's everything we've learned about the magical and r...

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Apple announces the iPad

It's finally here. At their event in San Francisco, Apple has officially announced their tablet computer, which they're calling the iPad. Fully customizable, and better than a smartphone or a laptop at browsing, reading e-books, and a "great maps application with support from Google[...]." We're wat...

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Apple wins two new patents including tablet proximity detector

Expectations and excitement are at a fever pitch for the hoped-for tablet announcement, but that hasn't stopped Apple's lawyers from earning their keep. Just in the past few days, they've nailed down two more patents, one of which has to do with tablet-style technology. That's a "proximity detector,...

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Some personal thoughts about the Apple Tablet

From every hint, from every rumor, from every direction it seems like some sort of Apple tablet is a done deal. We'll know for sure Wednesday, probably after a "one more thing" from El Jobso. If a tablet is announced, I'm trying to figure out if I will buy one. I already have a Mac Pro desktop, a...

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Will Apple buy mobile ad company Quattro Wireless? UPDATE: Yes.

According to Kara Swisher at AllThingsD, Apple may announce the purchase of Quattro for the relative bargain price of $275 million. I say bargain because, as Kara points out, Google paid three times that for AdMob, another mobile ad company. So what? This bit of news, when taken with the ad patent f...

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