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iPhone 4 Bluetooth issues reported

While testing out the Jawbone Icon wireless Bluetooth headset recently, the parties I called complained of diminished sound quality on their end. They talked about overly compressed muffled sound, with decreased dynamic range. Over at the Jawbone end-user forums several threads have been discussing ...

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As Apple's PR disaster grows, some say recall

Now that the iPhone has been in customers' hands for a few weeks, the antenna issue has been demonstrated time and again to be very real. Holding the lower left-hand corner of the iPhone causes a significant loss in signal strength. Those in low-signal areas to begin with will often lose their conne...

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Consumer Reports now 'can't recommend' the iPhone 4

After a recent positive blog post stating that the iPhone 4 reception issues were not something that should prevent someone from buying the new iPhone, the nationwide testing firm has now changed its mind and given a thumbs down to Apple's latest efforts. In lab tests, Consumer Reports says the ...

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iPhone 4 defenders debunk reception, 'grip of death' issues

Most of the news about the iPhone 4 has been negative, particularly about the reception and 'grip of death' that causes the phone to lose signal and sometimes drop calls. Apple has famously responded to all the bad press, and perhaps has dug an even deeper hole for itself in terms of PR. All ...

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Apple's search for wireless antenna engineering talent

Apple is hiring! Can you guess what kind of talent they're after? Wireless antenna engineers, of course. On June 23rd, just after the Death Grip was discovered by the public, Apple published three listings for iPhone and iPad antenna engineers who can "define and implement antenna system archi...

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Make your own iPhone 4 case from a souvenir bracelet

If your touch is like a Vulcan Nerve Pinch to the iPhone 4's wireless signal, you've got three choices: hold it differently, spend US $30 on a Bumper, or take a pair of scissors to a Livestrong bracelet. The iPhone Guru discovered that the bracelets fit perfectly around the body of the iPhone 4. ...

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AT&T, Apple sued over iPhone 4 antenna issue

This just in from the Whopping & Unexpected Surprises Department: in response to the iPhone 4's apparent reception problems, a pair of Maryland residents filed suit in Maryland federal court on Wednesday. They claim that Apple and AT&T knowingly sold phones with a defective antenna desig...

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How you hold your iPhone

Earlier this week were discussing the Death Grip and comparing how we hold our iPhones. I thought we should pose the question to you. Several readers added photos of their preferred method to our Flickr pool, and we noticed two main styles among them: the Cradle and the Death Grip. The Cradle is ...

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How do you hold your iPhone?

With all the talk about the Death Grip, we've been discussing how we hold our iPhones. Most people, right-handed or left, have their own preference. Additionally, each person has several positions: One-handed carry, while not using the phone; one-handed swipe and tap with a thumb; two-handed touch t...

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The science behind the iPhone 4's antennas

The iPhone 4's outer ring of antennas has been earning some grief lately as some owners have found that reception can change even based on where your hand is placed. Even Steve has weighed in on this issue via his itchy email finger. Spencer Webb of AntennaSys (an "antenna design" firm) knows the...

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Double Stevemails on iPhone 4 reception: "Just don't hold it that way"

With so much to do -- counting profits, making FaceTime prank calls to Woz, rubbing hands together and laughing manically -- it's hard to believe that El Steve is taking time out of his very busy day to answer his mail. Yet answer it he does, if our two most recent tipsters are on the level. Both ar...

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iPhone 4 cell reception suffers when picked up?

Could this be the reason Apple is selling those rubber bumpers? Check out the video above and watch the iPhone 4's reception bars visibly drop. A magic trick? No, apparently skin and antennas are not BFF's. In fact, reception drops once your hands cover the metal bits of the iPhone 4. Metal bits...

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Can having a Quicky boost your Wi-Fi range?

Get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking about the Quicky Jr II USB wireless signal booster, which is a little USB dongle / antenna that plugs into a USB port on any Mac that is running Mac OS X 10.4 or newer. This little device, from QuickerTek, purports to let you wander up to three times the ...

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