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New adware trojan targets OS X users

Adware attacks against OS X are on the rise this year, says a report by anti-virus company Doctor Web. The Russian firm recently discovered another threat, Trojan.Yontoo.1, which has quickly become the most prominent adware trojan attacking Apple desktops and laptops. The trojan worms its way...

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Symantec responds to security issue

Symantec is aware of the flaw that is in almost all of their software (that's gotta hurt) and the most recent virus definitions include a 'heuristic detection for potential exploits of the Symantec decomposer RAR archive vulnerability.' What the heck does that mean? The vulnerability can only be exp...

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Norton AV for OS X makes a Mac less secure

Ah the beautiful irony: last Tuesday, as many of us were getting ready for family and the holidays, Symantec admitted that a serious security flaw has affected about 40 of their products, including all versions of Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) for OS X. Symantec calls this a 'high risk' vulnerability that...

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