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NPR on Mac hacking-- a little FUD, a little fact

NPR hits up the issue of Mac hacking (the bad malware kind, not the good kind), and suggests that Macs are supposedly becoming a bigger target for exploitative folk. While this is a topic that could easily (and does often) degenerate into complete misinformation and FUD, NPR basically acknowledges t...

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AVG for OS X?

ZDNet reports that AVG, known for its free Windows antivirus tool, is busy developing an OS X version. Possibly. The company isn't sure whether the product will ever launch. Larry Bridwell of AVG's parent company Grisoft said "[W]e have done the [Linux] BSD version, which makes it a little bit easie...

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Symantec responds to security issue

Symantec is aware of the flaw that is in almost all of their software (that's gotta hurt) and the most recent virus definitions include a 'heuristic detection for potential exploits of the Symantec decomposer RAR archive vulnerability.' What the heck does that mean? The vulnerability can only be exp...

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