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AOL Daily Finance app raises the bar for iPhone investment tools

The Finance section of the App Store does feature some heavy-hitters (Bloomberg, ATM Hunter) and some fairly weak beer too. A lot of these apps are unitaskers, particularly when it comes to stock quotes and charting. For a full-featured and free investment information portal, and a strong competitor...

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Another way to get to the movies: Moviefone for iPhone

Hot on the heels of Fandango, AOL has released Moviefone [App Store link], a free application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Moviefone can find your nearest theaters, movie times, trailers, and in some cases you can buy tickets. The app is fast, and the trailers are nicely encoded for the iPhone. It...

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AIM for Mac releases version 1.1

Does anyone still actually use AIM to sign in to their AIM account? I've found the AIM Express client useful occasionally when I happen to be on a strange computer (though nowadays I mostly use the AIM iPhone client when I'm AWOL), but on the desktop it's been Adium for longer than I can remember. S...

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AOL Desktop 1.0 now shipping for Mac users

The long and sometimes rocky history of the America Online client for the Macintosh -- a saga stretching back to the original AppleLink Personal Edition service, with a detour through a place called eWorld -- has now moved on to a new generation with the 1.0 release of AOL Desktop for Mac last we...

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AOL Desktop for Mac Beta 1

AOL, the parent company of Weblogs, Inc of which TUAW is a part (translation: AOL is our loving corporate overlord), has done something it hasn't done in 5 years: release some new Mac code. AOL Desktop for Mac Beta 1 is out and about, and ready for business. What's new in this version, you ask? Well...

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Paul Thurrott amazes again, turns iPhone's Yahoo! synching feature into a complaint

Uh oh, famed purveyor of the SuperSite for Windows and spinster extraordinaire Paul Thurrott is at it again with a third installment of his iPhone review that focuses on the iPhone's performance as an actual phone. Never faltering in his ability to spin a genuinely innovative feature into a mark aga...

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AOL Music Now closing doors, porting customers to Napster

AOL's Music Now, yet another iTunes Store competitor, has announced they are closing their doors in favor of lending the space to Napster (disclosure reminder: we're an AOL property). In a press release this morning, Napster announced it is partnering with AOL to integrate their services into the AO...

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AOL Cheshire beta client for Mac

From the earliest origins of AOL -- which briefly existed as "AppleLink Personal Edition" way back in the late 1980s -- the Mac has been a full-parity player on the service. Nowadays, you may notice that the AOL Mac client is getting a little bit long in the tooth (last updated November 2005) compar...

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AOL adds movie downloads to video portal

Dedicated services like Vongo and Movielink are already doing the movie download thing, but now AOL, a major player vying for digital distribution market share (and our parent company, by the way) added this most sought-after of services to their video portal. Ranging in price from $9.99-$19.99, a d...

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AOL breaks Adium betas

If you're a user of the recent Adium 1.0 beta releases, and you've been having issues connecting to AIM, you're not alone. According to reports in the official IRC channel and from developers, AOL did something to change the connection protocol, specifically involving the new joscar connection proto...

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Widget Watch: QuickMail

QuickMail DashMail might not be the prettiest Dashboard widget I've ever seen, but it certainly is one of the most functional: it allows you to send a quick email from Gmail, .Mac, Yahoo, AOL or AIM, and even has the option for entering custom server settings for those who like to blaze their own tr...

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AOL opens doors to AIM developer program, includes Mac OS X and Linux tools

Macworld is reporting that AOL (our parent company, by the way) has announced AIM developer tool support for Mac OS X and Linux, opening the doors for more interoperability to come from an even larger playing field. AOL launched this 'web 2.0-esque' Open AIM program last March, allowing 3rd party de...

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